5 classic maps we want to see in Battlefield 2042


EA is bringing one of its biggest franchises to the next generation of gaming with Battlefield 2042, and there are a few classic maps that would be perfect to include in the upcoming title.

We already know about multiple maps that DICE and EA are going to include in 2042 from the skyscrapers of Kaleidoscope to Orbital that will have players duking it out near a rocket launch pad.

But General Manager of Ripple Effect Studios Christian Grass also revealed that they’re exploring ways to bring back fan-favorite maps from older Battlefield titles into the brand new game.

Here are five maps that would be perfect for a next-gen update when Battlefield 2042 drops later this year.

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5. Wake Island

Wake Island is a staple in Battlefield, and we can’t wait to see what the inevitable 2042 version.

A boring selection to some, but Wake Island has evolved with Battlefield’s map development since the franchise started.

With every new iteration we get (as detached from the original as it can be), it’s one of those constants we can rely on to show off new mechanics or design themes that the devs are going for.

If Battlefield 2042 is the leap in the franchise fans are hoping it will be, that could mean the island will have one of its wildest remasters since 2142.

4. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar takes classic Battlefield combat and puts it on a uniquely close-range setting.

Not many Battlefield maps are as tightly designed as Grand Bazaar, seeing as most rely on huge open-field terrain.

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The map delivered a new take on the classic Battlefield action, which could only get better if it got remade (again) for the upcoming title.

3. Arica Harbor

One of the most memorable BF:BC 2 maps would be great in 2042.

Battlefield 2042 wants to take the franchise to new heights, and what better way for the devs to do so by tipping their hat to the legendary Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Arica Harbor wouldn’t only be a solid, all-around map for most staple modes of the franchise, but it’s just begging for a remaster since its release in 2010.

2. Laguna Presa

A revamp of Laguna Presa in Battlefield 2042 would benefit from all the weather tech DICE is working on.

Two Bad Company entries make the list because that game easily delivered one of the best and memorable experiences in the entire franchise.

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Laguna Presa’s jungle terrain, along with varied landscape, delivered an immersive experience with the new weather effects in 2042 – it could actually make for a better map than when it first launched.

1. Siege of Shanghai

Plenty of maps have special places in fans’ hearts and the Siege of Shanghai was one of those first epic landscapes in high fidelity graphics when it came out in Battlefield 4.

Not only was it a gigantic playground to explore, it delivered iconic moments depending on the mode you played and was a perfect entry point to experience what ‘next-gen Battlefield’ felt like. There’s plenty of ways that the updated Frostbite engine can do with the Siege of Shanghai, and we can’t wait to see it.

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There’s plenty of maps in Battlefield’s long catalog throughout the years that could use a remaster. With the devs looking to bring back some old maps, there’s plenty of them to choose from.