Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch #6 notes: Kiss improvements, Honour Mode changes, more

Noelle Corbett
Astarion and Halsin's improved kiss from Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 6Larian Studios

Larian Studios has released the new Baldur’s Gate 3 patch and revealed everything that has changed. Here are the details about Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has received a new update. Developer Larian Studios originally announced that Patch 6, would be released during the week of February 12. This marks the game’s first major update of 2024 following some smaller hotfixes, as well as the first since the massive Patch 5 added the epilogue, Honour Mode, and more.

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Ahead of Patch 6’s release, Larian confirmed this will be a “hefty” update and detailed some of its improvements. Now that it’s out, we have the full details about everything changed in the new update for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3 below

Everything changed in Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6

baldur's gate 3 astarion tentLarian Studios

In a post on the official Steam page for Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian detailed all of the changes made in Patch 6.

All characters’ kissing animations have improved to the point where the party members have unique kisses to reflect their personalities better. The types of kisses they perform have been randomized, and the animations have been improved for smaller/taller partners.

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The party members now have unique idle animations in the camp to make it seem more lived-in and to give it more character, especially as you spend a lot of time there.

Patch 6 also adds some quality-of-life changes fans have wanted, such as dismissing party members while speaking to whomever you want to swap them with and having automatically triggered dialogue prioritize the player character.

Larian has also announced fixes for Shield Bash and Rebuke of the Mighty, which haven’t worked as intended for a while now. Meanwhile, the group hide ability now works on NPC allies and summon monsters.

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New cinematics have been added, and some existing ones have been improved, especially ones relating to the game’s ending. Characters in the epilogue camp scene have titles beneath their names. Some character endings have also added new options, especially with Lae’zel.

If you only consume alcohol during a Long Rest, you’ll get the brand-new Hungover status effect for ten turns. The game can also now select food in containers to use for Long Rests.

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Several enemies, mainly major bosses, have Legendary Actions when you fight them in Honour Mode to make combat all the more challenging. Which foes will get new abilities and what those are have yet to be seen, but expect Honour Mode runs to get even more punishing following the update.

The other changes to the game include:


  • You can now toggle off Repelling Blast as expected.
  • If you Long Rest with only alcohol as camp supplies, you will now get the new Hungover condition for 10 turns.
  • Auto-selecting your camp supplies before a Long Rest will use resources more optimally – sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking.
  • The Long Rest camp supply menu is now better at pulling supplies from inside containers in companion inventories. Stop hoarding the cheese, Wyll.
  • Group Hide now works on all party members controlled by the player, including followers and summons.
  • Made it possible to dismiss party members during camp nights. Also made it possible to recruit hirelings to a full party – they’ll hang around at camp until you need them.
  • You can now talk to the circus bard Medrash and get a short but enthusiastic response from him.
  • The owlbear cub will no longer gobble up Auntie Ethel’s Hair before you can take advantage of the bonus it grants.
  • The Elixir of Hill Giant Strength now applies its effects when thrown.
  • Creating harmful surfaces beneath NPCs will now trigger a crime reaction.
  • Scratch can no longer equip certain weapons. Like the Everburn Blade.
  • Added the option to scale the density of crowds on Xbox.
  • As a quality-of-life improvement, the Pact Weapon condition now remains after a Long Rest.


  • The Shambling Mound is now a fully-fledged Honour Mode boss,
  • with brand new bespoke Legendary Actions and tuned-up abilities. Good luck.
  • The drider and Dror Ragzlin have new Legendary Actions in Honour Mode!
  • In Tactician Mode, the drider has a special Sanctuary, called Spindleweb Sanctuary, that erupts in a psychic explosion when the status condition ends. In addition, his Spindleweb Fanaticism aura will now debuff his enemies.
  • In Tactician Mode, Dror Ragzlin’s Leadership Aura will now also debuff his enemies.
  • Jaheira could be in bad shape by the time she arrived at Moonrise Towers since she already had to fight. Now she’s smart enough to heal up before she goes there, which we’re hoping lets her last at least an additional second in combat.
  • The Frightened condition applied by Ketheric’s Dreadful Aspect will now correctly end if the combat with Ketheric ends before the condition does. (This will also fix other similar cases.)
  • Improved combat AI pathfinding through dangerous surfaces and through steep terrain.

Flow and Scripting

  • Increased the number of valid methods of knocking Minthara out to recruit her.
  • Halsin no longer blames the goblins for his death in his Speak with Dead dialogue if he managed to get killed much later on.
  • Fixed a case where the lanceboard scene between Raphael and Mol would never trigger because of the script being too defensive when checking Raphael’s current in-game state.
  • You can finally tell Halsin that you found that letter that was sent to Kagha.
  • Wyll will react accordingly if you fail to save Ravengard from the Iron Throne when the pact with Mizora is broken.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from talking to Mayrina after the fight with the hag.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the game being stuck on Flind’s turn if another player entered combat with her while her dialogue was ongoing


  • The trade interface got a graphic overhaul, clarifying which character is bartering for the party, what their Persuasion score is, and how much of a discount they’re getting for the trade. The feedback when bartering has also been improved to indicate the status of the offer.
  • The whole party’s inventory is now present in the trade interface, which doesn’t require you to switch characters to sell their items from their inventories anymore.
  • You can now change the size of text in books and other legible items in the Interface
  • Options.
  • Updated the interface visuals for the Options and Difficulty menus.
  • Renamed the ‘Class Passives’ panel for sorcerers on level up to ‘Metamagic’ and added a description for it. This was to make the naming more precise, given that all the class passives for sorcerers are Metamagic and the main level up window already tells you that they’re passives.
  • Renamed the ‘Camp Companions’ button to ‘Camp Inventories’ to more clearly indicate what it does.
  • Added the Custom Mode settings to the Lobby UI, giving you time to create your personalised experience while waiting for your friends. (And also giving you time to argue amongst yourselves while coming to a compromise.)
  • Camp chests are now integrated into the Camp Inventories UI.
  • Fixed incorrect button prompts and mappings showing for Switch Pro Controller on PC.
  • Reverse-pickpocketing (planting things into others’ inventories) should now work correctly on controller.
  • Improved how the combat log indicates XP gain. Now, if everyone in the party gains XP from several different sources at the same time – like when you Fireball a bunch of rats – you’ll get one entry in the combat log with the calculated total XP gained, rather than separate entries for each XP, clogging up the whole log.
  • Added sub-sorting to throwable items on the Hotbar so the most recently picked-up items will appear first.


  • When faced with certain choices after the Netherbrain is defeated, you can now tell Lae’zel to make her own decision.
  • Added additional Avatar Karlach and Avatar Astarion reactivity within God Gale’s dialogues in the epilogue, allowing them to request a cure for their conditions.
  • Added some new lines to Minthara’s epilogue dialogue to account for different paths where the player character has partnered up with her.
  • Added some extra Narrator lines for the Dark Urge when interacting with Gortash in his office.
  • Added new dialogues and reactivity for Lae’zel regarding the githyanki egg from Crèche Y’llek.
  • If Gale is a mind flayer in the endgame when returning to Elysium with Mystra, she will now transform him back into a human.
  • Rephrased some journal entries to account for NPCs being knocked out instead of killed.
  • If you’re romancing Shadowheart in Act II, she’ll have more banter as you’re walking around.


  • You can now give Shadowheart a hug when she’s crying after losing or saving her parents.
  • You can now kiss Gale’s hand if you agree to marry him. This scene was also improved with a new intro and outro.
  • Added a new version of the kissing scene with Astarion after he Ascends.


  • Fixed Gortash’s Speak with Dead dialogue missing its VO.
  • Fixed the Main Menu audio not starting for several seconds on Xbox, and sometimes playing in the game.
  • Fixed the Character Creation music not triggering until the tutorial.
  • Fixed dice roll sounds playing if you have the ‘Hide Failed Perception Rolls’ setting enabled while exploring. We asked the narrator to quieten down when rolling the dice for your immersion.

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