Baldurs Gate 3 is still coming to Xbox in 2023 despite rumors

Daniel Appleford
Baldurs Gate 3 xbox

Baldur’s Gate 3 developers have assured fans that the game will still be coming to Xbox by the end of 2023 despite rumors of a delay.

The D&D inspired roleplaying game that was released at the end of August has been in talks for winning game of the year. With a rich and expansive storyline that allows players to make as many decisions as they’d like to tell their own stories.

BG3 originally released on PC only through Steam and has hundreds of thousands playing daily. The developers behind BG3 had no intention of pushing the game out to PC players only.

Shortly after the release, BG3 launched on PlayStation 5 digitally for those who prefer to game on a console. Although two months after the game’s release those who own an Xbox are still waiting for the game to come out on their console. Users on Twitter have been speculating that the Xbox release may not be coming this year, but one developer has squashed these rumors.

Larian Studios stays firm on a Xbox release before 2024

BG3 developer ‘Very Afk’ responded to a comment below one of his posts talking about wanting a game to fail will not make a player’s platform stronger. The comment was directed at not being able to purchase BG3 due to the game not being on Xbox.

“Before the end of the year is the plan,” said Very Afk. “This has been said a few times but dudes with 33k twitter followers keep talking shit for likes.”

Larian Studios have been assuring players that BG3 will be released on Xbox in the near future. However, a set date for the release has yet to be determined.

It is unknown if the Xbox edition will be a digital release like PS5 or have a physical release as well, but Xbox players are mainly concerned whether they will get to play the game at all.