Baldur’s Gate 3 director reveals unused speech he had planned for The Game Awards

Scott Baird
Swen Vincke and Baldur's Gate 3 wins GOTY at The Game Awards 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 director Swen Vincke has uploaded the speech he wish he made during The Game Awards to social media.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was hugely successful at The Game Awards 2023, winning several awards, but that success was overshadowed by controversies during the show. The most significant was the short amount of time allotted for each award speech, regardless of who won.

Except for the final award, everyone who went up to collect their prize was given under a minute to give their speech before the orchestra started playing them off. This may have been prompted by Christopher Judge’s long acceptance speech the previous year, which was joked about during the show.

As Baldur’s Gate 3 won Game of the Year, director Swen Vincke was given more time than the other winners, but even he couldn’t get through everything he wanted to say, especially as so many people needed to be thanked.

Baldur's Gate 3 screenshot of Shadowheart companion

Baldur’s Gate 3 director Swen Vincke reveals what he wanted to say at The Game Awards

Swen Vincke posted a lengthy chain of tweets on his Twitter/X page, outlining everything he wished he had said during his acceptance speech at The Game Awards. These include Baldur’s Gate 3 coming to Xbox Series X/S, which he forgot to say, leading to it being shadowdropped after the event.

In the replies, Vincke thanked the other nominees, Geoff Keighley, and everyone involved with The Game Awards. He explained why he wears the suit of armor, as it’s a tribute to the community.

Vincke thanked many people at Larian Studios, including the Q&A team, localization team, customer support team, operations team, publishing team, playtesters, and every developer at Larian. He also thanked the developers who passed away during Baldur’s Gate 3’s development.

Along with the developers, Vincke thanked his family, the actors who worked on Baldur’s Gate 3, and Wizards of the Coast, who own the Dungeons & Dragons license. Vincke ended with a story about how games are developed with passion and idealism.

It’s a shame that Vincke and the other winners didn’t get more time to thank people at The Game Awards, but at least they have other outlets to share their appreciation.

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