MW3 devs respond to Christopher Judge’s jokes by comparing CoD player count to GoW

Shane Black
Christopher Judge at Game Awards 2023Game Awards 2023

Developers of Modern Warfare 3 are taking to social media to respond to Christopher Judge’s remarks about the new Call of Duty campaign by comparing the player count of MW3 to that of God of War.

At last night’s Game Awards, the actor who plays Kratos in the most recent GoW games made a joke at the expense of this year’s newest Call of Duty.

While taking the stage to announce the winner for Best Performance, Judge made a joke about his lengthy acceptance speech from last year’s show, while also poking fun at Modern Warfare 3: “Fun fact: My speech was actually longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign.”

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Now, both former and current CoD developers are responding to the joke on social media.

MW3 developers aren’t holding back in clapping back at Judge

The CoD developers did not waste any time to respond to Judge, recognizing the intended lightheartedness of the joke, but still taking issue with the setting and context of it.

One of the developers pulled no punches in posting, “‘funny’ but yeah the metrics that CoD absolutely destroys all of the God of War games… in is almost equally laughable…”

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Another developer was a little more diplomatic in how they responded to the joke with their post, acknowledging that they’ve heard worse things.

The issue they took was that the environment where Judge made the joke was an issue: “… we don’t expect it from a peer, at an event that supposed to be celebrating this years achievements in gaming.”

It extends beyond the developers of the game as well, with Barry Sloane, the actor behind this new trilogy’s Captain Price, also weighing in: “That Christopher Judge guy writes all his own material I hear. Talented.”

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Upon release, Modern Warfare 3’s campaign was met with a lot of negative buzz, with the open-world style of missions and length drawing the most criticism from fans and critics alike.

However, this hasn’t stopped many players from enjoying the game’s multiplayer and Zombies mode.

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