Baldur’s Gate 3 director reacts to player’s disturbing “special box”

Jake Nichols
Astarion standing in Camp while the other Companions sleepLarian Studios

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player’s creepy “special box” is turning heads among the community, even drawing a reaction from the game’s director.

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have almost endless possibilities to cause chaos as they’re provided with opportunities to proceed down vastly different gameplay paths.

For this reason, among many others, Baldur’s Gate 3 has emerged as not just one of the best games of the year but is now regarded as one of the “best RPGs ever made.” In fact, the game’s expansive and detail-rich nature has actually “ruined gaming” for many players who are now feeling bored by other “formulated” games.

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Being spoiled for choice has led players down a wide range of possibilities in-game, but one player’s disturbing path has even caught the attention of the game’s director.

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player on X (formerly known as Twitter) shared an in-game screenshot of their “special box” on the platform. The eerie box contained an awkwardly impressive collection of corpses that had been “collected” since visiting the Emerald Grove in Act 1.

The Emerald Grove is one of the very first locations that players visit on a Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough. Upon reaching the destination, players are presented with their first tough decision of either siding with the residents of Emerald Grove to defend their home or joining with the likes of the Goblins to attack and invade.

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Each decision has benefits and drawbacks, but this player’s Dark Urge playthrough seemingly led them down the path of killing not just all of the Tieflings who resided in Emerald Grove but many of the Druids who lived there as well.

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Inside the player’s “special box” were the heads of Tieflings Dammon, Mol, and Rolan, as well as Druids such as Kagha and Rath. Companions had been killed and collected too, with Shadowheart and Karlach among the many heads now residing in the “special box.”

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However, keen Baldur’s Gate 3 fans were quick to point out that the player was missing one piece that would be more than fitting for the collection: Gale’s hand.

But it seems that had already been taken care of as the player noted that Gale’s hand was in their pocket, and they were planning to put it in their “hand bag” later.

With more than 250,000 views on X, the player’s remarkably awkward “achievement” has gone viral among the Baldur’s Gate 3 community. Among the many who reacted was Baldur’s Gate 3 Director Swen Vincke, who simply commented, “Nice,” while re-tweeting the screenshot.

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With Larian Studios committing to “pushing many boundaries” in their “next big game,” fans can rest assured that they’ll have plenty of gameplay paths available to them in the years to come.

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