Baldur’s Gate 3 players believe Dark Urge is the game’s real protagonist

Abigail Shannon
A white dragonborn Dark Urge in Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios

Players contend that Baldur’s Gate 3’s Dark Urge is the game’s most involved protagonist.

Alongside the Origin companions you can play as in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can also choose between two kinds of customizable characters. The first is a total blank slate or ‘Tav’, which is the most common choice for most players’ first playthrough.

The second is a more recent addition, The Dark Urge. ‘Durge’ is a Bhaalspawn who can be of any race or class but is deeply troubled by their Haunted One background. While this character is a natural choice for players doing an evil run, choosing this origin also provides a significant number of unique story beats and dialogue options.

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As a result, one Redditor on r/BaldursGate3 insists that Durge serves as a best fit for the game’s main character.

Players argue that Baldur’s Gate 3’s Durge has main character energy

Other factors like race, background, and class also present players with noteworthy additions to dialogue. However, some fans still argue that custom Tavs are “undercooked” and provide limited meaningful roleplaying opportunities.

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Meanwhile, fans feel as though the tension that comes with your Durge hero trying to resist their violent desires provides a far more intriguing narrative than any other origin.

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baldurs gate 3 dark urge headerLarian Studios

Due to Durge’s more established background, fans say their lore is also more tightly integrated into the rest of the world: “You have a direct relationship with the main bosses and [the Durge / Orin duel] is so much more climactic than the regular showdown.”

Of course, for players whose background preferences lean a tad closer to Folk Hero, the Dark Urge is not a great fit: “some people don’t like having a canon backstory of necrophilia, cannibalism, and wanton murder and would much rather have a character with a backstory they made themselves.”

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