Unique gliding legend could help take Apex Legends to new heights

Meg Bethany Koepp

An imaginative Apex Legends fan has come up with an amazing gliding legend concept that could work really well in the game, and give it a welcomed change of pace.

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Vaulting into the air with Octane’s Launch Pad ability, and zipping around the map with Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun are both fun and quick ways of getting around in Apex Legends – but what if you could glide?

One ingenious Apex fan created a legend concept with that very ability, and if we were to ever see gliding in the game in the future, it would definitely allow players to see the map from a whole new perspective.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesOctane can jump with his Launch Pad – but what about a gliding legend?
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“We’re soaring, flying…”

Reddit user ‘chrisham685’ posted their legend concept to the official Apex Legends subreddit, where it received a massive 7,400 upvotes in just 19 hours.

The concept details ‘Slipstream’ the Aerial Combatant, who soars around the map using his tactical Wingsuit ability. He can also climb walls and his Hooked Gloves give him “increased climb speed.” His ultimate ability Weather Balloon allows the legend to re-activate his jetpack, and fly to a chosen point as though he’s just entered the game.

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People want the legend in Apex

People went absolutely mad for chrisham685’s concept, and wanted Slipstream to actually be added into the game, sharing ideas on how he could be made even better.

“If I were to elaborate on this idea I think the gloves should make him able to climb up any surface and possible stay there. I could see some funny shenanigans with that idea.” one user commented, echoing the Wall-Hanging ability from the Titanfall games.


“His tactical would be useful if his passive is strong. As long as he is able to climb really quickly and without the same height limit as other legends, it’ll be very useful and he’ll be hard to hit. He should be able to freelook with right click and hipfire while flying in a straight line. Plus, they’re about to change some parts of the map. Repulsor breaking and the leviathans might increase the options for verticality,” another person commented, detailing how his controls could work.

They also made a good point about the Leviathans finally coming onto dry land in Season 2, stating that they’d work well for the verticality of Slipstream’s ability.


A gliding legend in Apex Legends is a fantastic idea, and could work really well if implemented correctly. It would be just what the game needs to shake up the character meta.

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