CouRage claims Apex Legends is “way better than Warzone” for one simple reason

CouRage claims that Apex Legends and Warzone have one big ranked reason.Respawn / YouTube: CouRage / Raven Software

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has taken a pot shot at his old flame, Warzone, as his reignited love affair with Apex Legends continues; according to the 100 Thieves co-owner, Respawn’s battle royale is “way better” than its Call of Duty arch-rival, for one simple reason.

The war between rival Warzone and Apex Legends continues to heat up, as the two swollen communities look to emerge as the number one battle royale.

Warzone has taken a hit in recent weeks. A lackluster Season 4 launch stifled the Raven Software-helmed game’s momentum, and saw an exodus of streaming stars like TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, and more, many of whom have been leading advocates for the Call of Duty title.

On top of that, Respawn is on the verge of dishing up what looks like another stellar content drop in Season 9, complete with a new Legend ⁠— “Seer” ⁠— as well as a huge slate of buffs and nerfs, and even map changes.

Now, CouRage has twisted the knife even more.

The 100 Thieves co-owner, who just hit ‘Masters’ in Respawn’s franchise game, has made a bold claim: According to him, Apex Legends is “way better than Warzone.”

The star 100 Thieves streamer is back on the Apex Legends grind after months away.Respawn / YouTube: CouRage
The star 100 Thieves streamer is back on the Apex Legends grind after months away.

CouRage, who’s dubbed himself “the greatest Wraith player in the history of Apex Legends,” returned to Respawn’s battle royale on June 28, and quickly battled his way up the ranked ladder to “Masters” on July 29.

The whole time, he said, he was having loads of fun; a lot more, CouRage added, than Warzone had been coughing up in the past few months.

The difference, Dunlop explained, was Apex’s ranked lobbies.

On Warzone, skill-based matchmaking is met with disdain. In the Apex Legends community, SBMM is welcomed as part of the ranked ecosystem. “Who would’ve thought that playing in skill-based matchmaking lobbies with a rank would make people want to play more!” he tweeted on July 29. “Mind-blowing!”

CouRage continued: “It’s definitely the best battle royale available.”

“New Apex Legends season about to drop, ranked mode is so fun. Ranked arenas about to release, new legend coming, and huge balance patch about to happen,” the 100 Thieves star continued. “Wayyyyy better than Warzone currently.”

Black Ops Cold War League Play Ranked CDL CourageJDCouRage / Activision
CouRage pivoted to Warzone after the CoD battle royale dropped in 2020.

On top of the huge ranked differences, CouRage admits he’s “always had a soft spot” for Respawn’s ever-expanding Titanfall-inspired battle royale.

The YouTuber has been watching Warzone “decline” for the past few months. Because of that, he began canvassing other titles to potentially jump ship to. Over the months, the Apex Legends community continued to pop up.

It was an easy call, CouRage said, to make the swap.

“I’m back on this game [Apex], in part, due to the love the community has always, always shown me on Twitter. Warzone has had its ups and downs, and I love Apex Legends… I’ve always had a soft spot for it. I was at the venue when it f**king launched! There’s such a dedicated community, it’s crazy.”

He had one last Warzone barb too: “I love Warzone, but damn. We get cheated on, we have stream snipers coming after us. [That game] is at an all-time low.”