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Apex Legends

Titanfall's Scorch would be an explosive addition to Apex Legends

Published: 25/Apr/2019 15:27

by Matt Porter


Apex Legends fans are looking forward to the next character to be added to the game, and one Redditor has suggested that Scorch from Titanfall should be the obvious choice, even creating a number of abilities that he could use in battle.

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Apex Legends is a battle royale game where players choose from one of nine Legends, each of whom come with their own special abilities to give them the best chance at winning a match, and be crowned Apex Champion.

While there may be nine different Legends, some players have already started calling for more to be added, growing tired of the current lineup, and Reddit user NeighborhoodTurtle believes Respawn Entertainment should look to another of their games for inspiration, Titanfall, and the Scorch character.


Respawn EntertainmentScorch would a “fiery” addition to Apex Legends.
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Who is Scorch from Titanfall?

Short for Scorched Earth, Scorch is an Titan from Titanfall 2 that was based on an Ogre chassis. Titans are large robots who are used for a number of different purposes throughout the Titanfall Universe, but have been used by military personnel to wage war. 

Scorch’s main weapon in Titanfall 2 is fire, while his T-203 Thermite Launcher was a single-shot grenade launcher that was created specifically for use in the Scorch Titan.

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What abilities would Scorch have in Apex Legends?

While having a massive Titan in Apex Legends seems like it could be difficult to balance, NeighborhoodTurtle has come up with some abilities that it could have to make it stand out among the crowd if it were ever introduced to the game.


Scorch’s passive would make it imune to fire damage, logical seeing as Scorch was the master of fire in Titanfall 2, while the tactical ability would see the robot either fire bullets covered in flames, or pull out a fire canisters similar to Caustic’s gas canisters.

For an ultimate ability, Scorch would be able to create a Wall of Fire that would create a shockwave of flames which radiates around Scorch in a 30 meter radius. The ability would knockback players, while also dealing fire damage which would deal five damage points per tick for a 10 second period.

Respawn EntertainmentScorch was a powerful Titan in Titanfall 2.

NeighborhoodTurtle suggests that Scorch would be attack orientated, and would be especially useful in close quarters combat thanks to his abilities, with the Titan’s ultimate only working if an enemy is within 30 meters when it goes off.


They also think that the character’s hitbox would be around the same size as Pathfinder’s, meaning it would be slightly easier to hit him, as a way to balance out his incredibly strong powers.

With Respawn Entertainment creating both Apex Legends and Titanfall, it’s possible we may see crossover between the two franchises in the future, especially as a number of Titanfall-related files have been found in Apex Legends.

The developers have yet to announce who will be the next Legend, or when we will be able to get our hands on it, so for the time being, Apex fans will just have to wait patiently and hope information becomes available soon.