Snip3down responds to ImperialHal rating him a “B-Tier” Apex Legends player

Alec Mullins
Snip3down of Apex Legends and Halo fame.TTS

Eric Snip3down’ Wrona and ImperialHal are two of the biggest names in the Apex Legends scene so when the current TSM team captain rated his former teammate a B-Tier player fans were eagerly awaiting a response.

ImperialHal put together a comprehensive controller player tierlist for his ALGS competition back on December 21 and the community has been waiting to see what kind of response it would draw from those involved.

While there aren’t many people more qualified to judge the competition than the face of TSM’s competitive squad, it did put him in a vulnerable place where he had to be honest about the people he plays against every day, even when they’re former teammates.

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The competitive camaraderie between Hal and Snip3down was well documented during their time together so the community expected a big reaction from the latter when he received such a low ranking, but Apex’s prodigal son was surprisingly chill when discussing it on his own stream.

Snip3down responds to ImperialHal’s controller player tierlist

Snip3 waitied for his community to bring it up before he even spoke on the situation. When someone in chat asked what he thought, he was totally honest about the matter.

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“I don’t really care where people rate me in the controller player category because I haven’t played this game competitively in a year. It’s not like my team did well in pro league where you can rate me that high,” he explained.

After doubling down on the rating being “realistic” he assured his supporters that it won’t be accurate for much longer. “I have no doubt about it. I’m going to get my form back and start sh***ing on everybody.”

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That confidence isn’t unfounded as Wrona was on of the most-decorated players in the scene prior to returning to his roots in Halo Infinite.

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