Simple change to Apex Legends Death Boxes makes looting much easier

Andrew Amos
Deathbox Apex Legends

Death boxes have hardly been touched in Apex Legends since the game’s release. While there are ways of getting an idea of what loot is inside, it can be a hassle digging through each box to find what you need. Though this idea would make looting less of a chore though.

Death boxes have littered the outskirts of the Apex arena since the game’s release. When you kill an opponent, their loot drops in a neat package that you can then shuffle through to get their goodies.

However, they aren’t without their own problems. While there’s currently a way to see the rarity of player equipment from the outside, there’s no way of telling what’s actually in there in regards to the smaller details.

It’s even harder if you didn’t knock the opponent yourself. If they had a certain armor type, you can tell during the gunfight beforehand. However, if it’s just a random death box, it’s a bit harder to be sure that it’s worth your time checking out.

One community member has taken it upon themselves to petition Respawn to change that, though. The change proposed by ‘beaniign’ would provide a minimalist guide to what is inside of players’ death boxes, and can help players decide at a glance if it’s worth stopping for.

“I got really tired of looking through a bunch of boxes after a fight to find the right ammo, and thought it’d be nice if the types of ammo in the boxes were labeled on the outside,” the creator said on Reddit.

Beaniign’s death box idea would display the ammo inside of an individual’s death box on the outside. It would be classed by type ⁠— Light, Heavy, Energy, Shotgun, and Sniper. If there is ammo in the box, it will show on the outside with a bar denoting as such. The more bars on the outside, the more of a certain type of ammo there is inside.

The slight change would make looting in the fast-paced battle royale just that much easier. If you are running dry on Heavy ammo for your Devotion, or Light bullets for your R-99, you won’t need to plunder through tons of boxes to find what you need ⁠— it’ll show you before you open.


The idea has been well received by the community, who think changes to death boxes could be a worthwhile addition in future seasons.

Death boxes have hardly been touched since the game was released in February 2019, and with more loot dropping than ever, sorting through it in this fashion would be handy.