Hilarious Apex Legends bug completely ruins Octane’s Launch Pad

Octane Jump Pad BugRespawn Entertainment

Octane’s Launch Pad is one of the most powerful abilities in Apex Legends, but a specific tree on World’s Edge has proven to be the Ultimate counter.

While not dealing any damage or revealing the specific location of enemy players, Octane’s Ultimate has always been one of the strongest abilities in Apex Legends.

With a relatively low cooldown and unmatched mobility, the Launch Pad allows an entire squad to push aggressively in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, there are very few audio cues when Octane’s Ultimate has been used, so it’s hard to predict when an entire squad is dropping onto your position.

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Despite this, a specific tree on World’s Edge has proven itself to be a complete counter to the Launch Pad, even if the chances of it happening again are one in a million.

Octane's Launch Pad in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Players can boost in mid-air once after using Octane’s Launch Pad.

World’s Edge tree completely counters Octane’s Ultimate

While looting near the Lava City POI on World’s Edge, Reddit user IntelligentImbicle realized they’d fallen behind their teammates and wanted to catch up.

As they were playing Octane, they decided to pull out their Launch Pad and throw it forward ready to propel themselves through the air.

Unfortunately, this didn’t exactly go to plan as a nearby shrub-sized tree had other ideas and decided to latch onto their Ultimate.

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IntelligentImbicle’s Launch Pad was then impossible to use as it was sat on the top of the tree, out of reach from anyone besides a Valkyrie.

Although this glitch is extremely rare and is unlikely to affect anyone ever again in this spot, there’s no denying it’s absolutely hilarious.

It also acts as a warning for Octane mains when throwing their Ultimate, as there’s always a chance the landing location doesn’t exactly go to plan.

So, if you’re on World’s Edge, be on the lookout for this shrub, as it could stop you in your tracks while you’re running through Lava City.

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