Apex Legends players demand big nerf to Valkyrie’s ultimate ability

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The Winged Avenger has found herself towards the top of the Season 11 meta picks in Apex Legends and some players feel like the Valkyrie’s ultimate ability is ready for a nerf in its current form. 

Ever since her arrival in Season 9,  Valkyrie has been a familiar face to the upper echelon of Apex Legends.

While she has previously ranked higher than average in terms of overall pick rates, the arrival of Storm Point seemed to bring the game’s only true aerial threat to new heights.

Now we’re barreling towards the end of the season and there are a number of people who are ready to see her signature Skyward Dive ability get brought back down to earth.

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Apex Legends players call for nerf for Valkyrie ult

Skyward Dive UltimateRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability is one of the highest-utility options in the game.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Valkyrie’s ultimate allows her — and any number of her teammates — to take to the skies and soar across a huge portion of the map.

While flying, the airborne Legend will highlight any players on the ground with a little green marker, letting the team know exactly how dangerous it is to land in a given area.

As it stands now, this is the only scanning ability in the game (other than Seer’s heartbeat sensor) that doesn’t provide some kind of notification to the players who have been caught in it, and a portion of the community has taken issue with that fact.

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One user suggested that this could help with the constant third-partying that the devs were working to fight against with the creation of Storm Point: “This feature would be better. It would at least make us aware that a 3rd party is jumping on our heads.”

Additionally, another commenter pointed out how beneficial this could be in making Apex more of an equal playing field for people with hearing impairments: “This game really isn’t very accessible to people who are hard of hearing, huh.”

While there are obvious benefits to a change like this, ultimately it’s up to Respawn to make heads-or-tails of these kinds of suggestions. Regardless of their decision, it’s clear that the community is looking for a change.

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