Shroud “can’t believe” Apex Legends still hasn’t split controller vs mouse & keyboard players


Streaming star Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek says he “can’t believe” Apex Legends still has competitive lobbies where controller and mouse & keyboard users are mixed, especially as controllers have taken over. 

Like many of its other FPS rivals, Apex Legends has been caught in the middle of the never-ending debate between controller and mouse and keyboard, with each side complaining about the other. 

Some MnK users have suggested that controller is akin to a “soft aimbot” in the battle royale, as it has become the dominant peripheral in competitive play. TSM’s ImperialHal recently claimed MVP honors at the ALGS Season 1 playoffs after his switch to ‘roller, becoming the first player to win an event with both inputs. 

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Even with the rise of controller, the two inputs are still being pitted against each other in pro play, which is a surprise for someone like shroud, has constantly chimed in on the aim assist debate across numerous titles.

Shroud believes Apex legends should split up controller & KBM in separate events

The former Counter-Strike star made his return to Apex during a recent stream and quickly discussed the age-old topic of aim assist after stating that he wishes the battle royale had a little more “finesse” at long-range. 

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“It’s all in the close. In the close range, it’s sick, when you’re bobbing and weaving and shield swapping,” he said. From there, his pals noted that the controller pros have been “owning” in the mid-range fights.

“That’s f*cked. I can’t believe they still have competitions in the same… with rollies and mouse and keyboard together. I still can’t believe that. How many more years is it going to take to segregate those two?” he asked. 

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The Twitch star added that he thinks it’s “totally fine” to split the two up and have separate tournaments for each input. 

That’s something that would likely become difficult to accommodate on Respawn’s side of things when it comes to balancing the battle royale, but maybe they’ll throw in a few more aim assist nerfs? Who knows.