Shroud left shocked by Warzone aim assist after “aimbot” Twitch Rivals clutch

Brad Norton
Shroud Warzone aim assist
Twitch: shroud / Activision

While competing in this month’s $75,000 Twitch Rivals competition, FPS phenom Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was left stunned by Warzone’s powerful aim assist after witnessing an “aimbot” level clutch.

As one of the most popular streamers on Twitch today, it’s a well-known fact that shroud is one of the more accurate FPS gamers out there. After years atop the competitive Counter-Strike scene, we’ve witnessed shroud branching out to the likes of Valorant and Apex Legends, all while proving his aim is sharper than ever.

Although he had a brief stint in Warzone as the Call of Duty battle royale release in 2020, it’s been quite some time since the veteran dropped into Verdansk. That all changed on August 26 when shroud made his return to Warzone as part of the latest Twitch Rivals event.

$75,000 was up for grabs, meaning the world’s best Warzone pros were all pushing for top spots. One pro, in particular, stood out to the former CSGO star: rising NA talent ScummN left Shroud mindblown after a “f***ing crazy” clutch.

A few rounds into the custom lobby tournament and shroud was spectating ScummN having gone down earlier in the match. One particular play saw the young Warzone streamer burst through a door, snap onto an enemy behind him, and rapidly take them out with some well-placed headshots.

“Dude, that was insane,” shroud said in response. “They just ran into a room and it literally looked like he aimbotted that guy. That was f***ing nuts.  ScummN just turned around the corner… literally just f***ing locked on.”

While this could be interpreted as some “premium gas” for ScummN, this particular moment sparked a debate among the Warzone community. Many were quick to criticize the play, with shroud’s Duo HusKerrs even downplaying the clutch by saying “that’s controller.”

“So many headshots,” shroud continued, stunned by what he’d witnessed. “That was nuts. That was f***ing crazy. It looked so effortless too, he did that with ease.”

Before long, many viewers were questioning the play and even taking shroud’s “aimbot” comment to heart. 

“Shroud accusing ScummN of using aimbot,” notorious Warzone content creator BadBoy Beaman tweeted. ScummN was quick to drop a joke in response: “About time, I was starting to think I suck or something.”

Having competed at the highest levels for months now, ScummN has made a name for himself as one of the most formidable Warzone pros; he even made it into our Top 10 Warzone players for the month of July due to his outrageous K/D in multiple events.

So while he’s a proven talent in the scene, shroud’s first time watching ScummN left him stunned. It’s not every day an FPS star of his caliber is left blown away by others in competition — even with aim assist in play.