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Secret Octane Stim trick increases weapon accuracy in Apex Legends

Published: 21/Mar/2022 12:50

by Alex Garton


A useful Stim trick on Octane allows you to enhance your accuracy while ADSing in Apex Legends, making it easy to land headshots.

In Apex Legends Season 12, it’s no surprise to see that Octane is the most popular character in the game with a 12.5% overall pick rate.

The High-speed Daredevil’s unrivaled mobility and powerful Ultimate make him an asset to any squad.

Whether it’s outmaneuvering opponents with his movement speed or engaging from a distance with the low-cooldown Launch Pad, Octane is a force to be reckoned with in the right players’ hands.

Now, a useful Stim trick has been discovered that even helps Octane’s weapon accuracy, allowing players to land more headshots with the daredevil.


Octane Apex Legends
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Octane is the most popular character in Season 12.

Octane Stim trick helps him land more shots

As showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber The Gaming Merchant, it’s possible to improve Octane’s accuracy by using his Stim at the perfect moment.

While ADSing with a 2x or 3x scope, Stimming will steady your aim and cause your camera to zoom in slightly, giving you a better chance of landing your shots.

This is ideal when you’re looking to snipe an opponent from a distance or control your recoil with an AR at medium-range.

It is worth noting that using Stim will run down your health bar, so be careful using this trick if you’re being shot by an opposing squad.


Without a doubt, this is a tip every Octane player should know, as it could provide the boost of accuracy needed to finish off an opponent.

While it’s definitely powerful, this trick isn’t going to turn you into aceu overnight, but it will improve your ability to land headshots and maybe even secure you an extra victory once in a while.