ImperialHal rages as Apex Legends audio problems ruin Predator match

ImperialHal Apex LegendsTSM/ImperialHal/Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen was left with “no audio” in his Predator match despite being surrounded by enemies.

While gunplay and weapons are without a doubt the most important aspect of Apex Legends, audio is also an essential piece of the puzzle, especially in close-range gunfights.

With so many squads making their way around the map and attempting to outmaneuver their opponents, it’s not always possible to see enemies closing down on your position.

However, player audio gives you a chance to hear them coming and prepare for the gunfight. Unfortunately, sound doesn’t always work as it should in Apex Legends, with footsteps seemingly cutting out completely at points in a match.

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Well, that’s exactly what happened to ImperialHal in a recent Predator Ranked game, and it’s safe to say he wasn’t happy.

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ImperialHal has 1.4 million followers on Twitch.

ImperialHal gets “no audio” in Predator match

After getting ambushed by an opposing squad in a Predator match, ImperialHal knew a set of enemies were attempting to surround his position.

However, instead of peaking immediately, he decided to listen out for their footsteps so he knew where they were approaching from.

Unfortunately, Hal was receiving almost no audio, but luckily, the enemy Wraith decided to jump around the corner and give him a free kill. Hal then moved onto her teammate who was peaking out of cover, firing off a few Prowler bursts to quickly dispatch them.

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Assuming they were all dead, Hal moved out into the open and was immediately downed by an enemy that was putting out no audio, leaving him extremely frustrated.

Despite countless complaints from pros and players alike, Respawn is yet to address the fundamental audio issues that pop up regularly in matches.

With third-parties being so prevalent in Apex, footstep sound is absolutely essential and gives squads a chance to prepare for a gunfight ahead of time.

Let’s hope the devs address the audio problems in a future patch, as it’ll definitely alleviate a lot of frustration and offer players a more balanced gameplay experience.

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