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Respawn ships huge Apex Legends armor overhaul in Season 6 update

Published: 18/Aug/2020 6:12 Updated: 18/Aug/2020 6:41

by Isaac McIntyre


Apex Legends is introducing “big changes” to the way the battle royale’s armor works in the upcoming Season 6 patch, Respawn has revealed, confirming rumors the devs had a huge overhaul planned for the mid-August update.

Nearly all Apex Legends armor will now be “Evo” armor from Season 6 onwards, excluding Gold Amor. Common (white), rare (blue), and epic (purple) chest armor will start each game as pre-leveled Evo Armor from August 18 onwards.

Respawn has also confirmed all armor pieces will be able to level up to the top-powered Red armor, which boasts five armor chunks. Gold Armor will not evolve throughout battle royale matches, however, and will remain extremely rare.

Finally, the armor overhaul will also see all Apex Legends players drop into every match with “Level 0” armor. This starting armor goes “all the way to Red.”

Apex Legends armor is undergoing its biggest ever change in the Season 6 update.
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends armor is undergoing its biggest ever change in the Season 6 update.

Respawn believes this shock Apex Legends armor rework in Season 6 will “really help with loot availability in the early game,” and allow players to avoid hot dropping right into the fight for rare loot “if they don’t want to.”

“With all the changes in Season 6, players now have the opportunity to level up their shields through damage, luck in ground loot, or through crafting!” the Apex Legends devs added.

The new Evo Armor era ⁠— which Dexerto originally tipped was on its way in early August ⁠— will also usher in some big changes number-wise for each different set of Apex Legends armor.

All armor across the board will see a 25 health-point drop in the August update. Purple and Gold Armor now have 175 health, down from 200. Red, the highest Evo level available, will now be set to 200 health points. It was previously a lofty 225.

These changes will also see each Evo level’s requirements changed slightly. The new damage requirements are as follows:

  • White upgrade damage: 50
  • Blue upgrade damage: 125
  • Purple upgrade damage: 250
  • Red upgrade damage: 500
Apex Legends armor has become a little weaker due to the Evo overhaul.
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends armor has become a little weaker due to the Evo overhaul.

“This is such a big change for the whole game…” Jason McCord said in Apex’s August 17 dev stream. “What’s really exciting is we’ve now given you three different ways to get to good armor in every game.”

“We want to make sure everyone doesn’t just easily get to Red at the end of the game though. There have been a few tweaks there. We’ll be keeping an eye on that. We want to make sure we’ve got it right, but we’re confident it’s right for now.”

McCord also took to Twitter soon after Season 6’s major armor overhaul was unveiled in the notes. He wrote, “Now y’all see why the last 45 LTMs have been “Evolved,” with a laugh emoji. “We gotta test and gather data to make decisions.”

The “big” armor overhaul isn’t the only thing Respawn is changing up this season either. The other huge swap is the World’s Edge “revamp,” which has seen Mirage Voyage and the map’s iconic train stripped away in Season 6.

Apex also got its 14th character this month, turret-loving engineer Rampart. The Volt SMG also finally made the swap from Titanfall 2 to Respawn’s mega-popular battle royale.

Finally, new crafting mechanics were added, and a new battle pass was unveiled. Catch up on all the changes in the Apex Legends Season 6 patch notes as the battle royale enters a new era with the August 18 update.

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Apex Legends rocket finally roars to life on World’s Edge in Olympus teaser

Published: 27/Oct/2020 3:27 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 3:37

by Isaac McIntyre


T-minus 10 to Olympus — the World’s Edge rocket has finally fired up its engine after lying dormant for most of last season, in the next Apex Legends Season 7 teaser to appear in-game ahead of the battle royale’s next huge update.

Apex Legends players have spotted the latest in-game teaser ahead of the release of Season 7 ⁠— the World’s Edge rocket has finally fired up its engines, after nearly three months of lying dormant in the middle of the battle royale map.

The rocket has yet to leave, but it’s now-firing thrusters are clearly visible.

Fire is pouring out of the bottom of the spaceship’s thrusters, while smoke billows out of venting chambers around the rocket’s main shaft. It’s certainly come alive.

The Hammond rocket, located in new Season 6 point of interest Launch Site, has been part of the scenery for months. It certainly seemed important ⁠— especially when it featured in an early Rampart teaser ⁠— but players weren’t sure why.

Now everything seems clear; the Hammond rocket may well be taking Apex Legends to its long-awaited third battle royale map, which Respawn officially unveiled on Oct. 26.

The new map, which Dexerto tipped all the way back in Season 5, has been mentioned and name-dropped in multiple Apex Legends teasers over the past few months. It’s arrival ended up being delayed slightly, but now it’s finally on its way.

Or rather, it looks like we’re on our way to it. The end of Season 6 ⁠— Wednesday, Nov. 4, for the record ⁠— should see us finally board the now-prepared Hammond rocket, and fling us all the way to the third Apex Legends map, Olympus.

Olympus museum from Apex Legends trailer.
Respawn Entertainment
Olympus is going to be the first proper city Apex Legends players get to play in since launch.

The rocket rumbling to life isn’t the only Olympus teaser we’ve seen land on World’s Edge in the buildup to the season switch either. Last week, a mysterious UFO began floating on the outskirts on the map. Sadly, you can’t board the huge structure just yet.

For now, it’s a waiting game. We’ll see the new Olympus map arrive next week, along with vehicles, the next Apex Legends character “Horizon,” a long-awaited clubs feature, and much more, but we’ve got just a little more waiting to do first!