Respawn give another update on broken Apex Legends hit reg


Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has provided another update on broken hit reg issues in their battle royale title, after numerous complaints from players after the Season 5 update.

Although the Season 5 update was one of the most exciting ever, with new character Loba joining the Apex Games, hit reg issues have plagued the game since, with players baffled as their shots don’t connect despite being on target.

Shortly after the new season launched, players immediately noticed the problem, and devs were quick to announce that they were aware of the issue.

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While a new season is supposed to be one of the most exciting times in the game’s life-cycle, bringing new content, fixes and updates to the game, the moment has been a little stifled by the hit reg problems.

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Most players at this point have found themselves having some kind of issue, but if you’re lucky enough to have not, this clip from pro player Diego ‘Diegosaurs’ Navarrette will give you an idea of what exactly players are dealing with.

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Although this isn’t the worst of it, you can both see and hear the shots connecting on Diegosaurs’ side, though no damage is actually dealt.

During the days since the update went live, Respawn have clearly been hard at work trying to figure out what the issue is so that they can come up with a solution, and have provided players yet another update to put their minds at ease.

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They say that they’re aware of issues persisting but are still working on a fix, and will provide an update “as soon as there is more information.”

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This isn’t the ideal response in the eyes of Apex Legends players, who would likely have been hoping for a fix by now, but given the ongoing global crisis, these issues must be slightly harder to resolve.

The developers did previously roll out a hotfix on May 14 to fix the issues, but they have persisted since, so clearly that wasn’t the fix needed.

Hopefully, though, they will have an update soon enough and put an end to these hit reg issues, or risk losing players to the likes of competitors such as Warzone or Fortnite. TSM have already had to delay their invitational tournament for Apex due to the problems, at Respawn’s recommendation.

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