Respawn dev teases beloved Apex Legends drop spot could be returning

Capitol City in apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Capitol City was one of Apex Legends’ most beloved drop spots on World’s Edge, specifically the construction buildings on the west side. It was removed seasons ago, but leading into Season 12 a Respawn dev has teased it could be returning.

When World’s Edge dropped into Apex Legends, there was only one spot players were dropping into: Capitol City. Now known as Fragment West and East, the unified city once had construction buildings galore with players zipping from side-to-side taking constant fights.

One specific construction building ⁠— next to the one that currently exists on the South side of Fragment West ⁠— was heralded as the place to drop. It was removed just as quickly as it was added though, and players have been longing for its return.

That return could finally be happening in Season 12.

Fragment East & West replaced Capitol City as a must-drop locationRespawn Entertainment
Fragment East & West still remains one of the best endgame locations in Apex, but it’s missing that one special building.

Respawn level designer Rodney Reece is now toying with the hearts of Apex Legends players worldwide by hinting at a potential Capitol City return in the near future.

“Take a bow, Kristen [the level designer for the construction buildings]. We made something people miss. Now only if we could somehow bring it back,” he said after a post of the old drop spot went viral.

While World’s Edge changes aren’t on the menu for Season 12 ⁠— Olympus is getting an overhaul ⁠— there’s potential for the old construction buildings to be included in something like Arenas or the new 9v9 Control LTM.

Control, which is new for Season 12, will involve taking control of various points of a map in a domination-style game mode. The construction buildings would be a perfect addition, which some players have been hypothesizing.

As for Arenas, there isn’t really a map like that Capitol City drop, so it’d bring some more variety to the 3v3 game mode.

It could all just be bait, but given the resounding community interest in getting the World’s Edge drop spot back, Respawn might be tempted into bringing it back.