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Apex Legends Season 4 map changes – Planet Harvester, Survey Camp, more

Published: 4/Feb/2020 22:15 Updated: 4/Feb/2020 22:35

by Albert Petrosyan


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment made some major map changes to World’s Edge in Season 4: Assimilation, such as adding the new Planet Harvester, Survey Camp, splitting Capitol City in two, and more.

Apex Legends Season 4 finally launched on February 4 after weeks of anticipation, and it came as part of a massive update that made changes to all facets of the battle royale.

As expected, there were some huge changes made to the World’s Edge map, and Respawn even released a separate blog post explaining why they decided to make such alterations.

Two new points of interest were added – the giant Planet Harvester at the heart of the map and a smaller, less central location called Survey Camp.

In addition, Capitol City, the biggest location in Season 3, was actually split into two separate zones called Fragment East and Fragment West.

A full breakdown of all these major map changes can be found below, based on the information provided in the official Season 4 map updates blog post from Respawn.

The Planet Harvester

Respawn EntertainmentThe Planet Harvester is the biggest new addition to the Apex Legends map in Season 4.

Probably the biggest new addition to World’s Edge is The Planet Harvester, which is a gigantic metal mining facility located at the heart of the map.

It features a constant beam of red light that goes into the sky, which players will be able to use “for a better sense of directionality and understanding of the center of the map.”

The gigantic structure has numerous levels that teams will be able to engage each other on, and Respawn have apparently designed it to keep fights “largely self-contained,” so that third parties are “a little more predictable and hopefully easier to defend against.”

Capitol City split in two – Fragment East and Fragment West

Respawn EntertainmentCapitol City is split in two, forming two zones called Fragment East and Fragment West.

The presence of The Planet Harvester has apparently caused the map’s lava faults to rupture and split Capitol City into two separate zones called Fragment East and Fragment West, separated by a giant fissure.

The reason why Respawn chose to make this change is that Capitol City is known to be a hot-drop location and teams who land there are often victimized by third parties. Now, the only way to get from one zone to the other is to take the provided zipline, fallen skyscraper bridge, or use Pathfinder’s or Octane’s Ultimate Ability.

Initially, the large fissure was designed to eliminate players who happen to fall into it. However, Respawn decided that was too harsh and added a new feature called Updraft, which is heated, pressurized air that slowly lifts anyone who falls into the giant crack.

In order to avoid players using the Updraft as a bailout during gunfights, they’ve made it so anyone who falls in will take 25 damage and “travel slowly, in third person; you are essentially a flying loot piñata for any nearby enemy players.”

Survey Camp and Weapon Racks

Respawn EntertainmentSurvey Camp will also be a new POI in Apex Legends Season 4, located between Epicenter and Skyhook.

Survey Camp is one of the new POIs in Season 4, located in the snowy area between Epicenter and Skyhook.

Respawn explain that the idea behind this new location was to “relieve the pressure of locations like Capitol City, Refinery and Epicenter, and create some potentially new rotations, like moving through the train tunnel to get to Skyhook.”

Because Survey Camp might appear too small to be an appealing landing spot in terms of loot, the devs have spiced it up a bit with new Weapon Racks, similar to the ones found in the Firing Range training area.

These racks will contain guaranteed weapons at the start of every match, giving players an extra incentive to land there instead of the more hot-drop locations.

Respawn EntertainmentSurvey Camp features new guaranteed Weapon Racks that will serve as an incentive for players to land there.

While these are all of the major map changes made for Season 4, there could very well be other smaller and minor updates to World’s Edge which players will have to discover for themselves after getting to explore for a bit.

Apex Legends Season 4 is now available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Apex Legends leaker claims Heirloom weapon skins are coming

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:50

by Daniel Cleary


An Apex Legends leaker has claimed that Respawn are planning to add a new tier of weapons skins for guns, at the same rarity as Heirlooms.

There is plenty of choice for players when it comes to customizing their favorite Apex Legends characters or weapons, and Respawn are always releasing new cosmetic items to keep the game fresh.

The cosmetics for characters and weapons are divided into classes, based on how rare they can be to find, and new leaks are suggesting that some more ultra-rare items could be coming.

Mirage's Heirloom pack in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Gun weapon skins could be the next Heirlooms added to Apex Legends.

Heirloom weapon skins?

The Heirloom melee weapons for certain characters are the rarest items that can be unlocked in Apex Legends and, typically, there is only one of them released for a single Legend, each season.

However, while melee weapons are the only type of Heirloom cosmetics currently available, Apex leaker “SomeoneWhoLeaks” has revealed that ranged Heirloom skins for the different guns in-game might be next.

The leaker revealed that the rumor apparently stemmed from an investor inside EA before reminding Apex Legends fans that it has still yet to be confirmed by Respawn.

“Rumor has it that heirloom weapon skins are coming,” they explained, “this comes from some investors in EA, so take it with a grain of salt.”

The Apex leaker added that these would simply be released as ranged weapon skins but was unsure if they would be released through Heirloom Shards, similarly to the melee weapons that have already been released.

They also revealed that the timeline for when these potential Heirloom skins are coming is still unclear, which makes it unlikely that we will see them for the start of Season 7 on November 4.

While little has been revealed about these ultra-rare weapon skins, it is worth noting that nothing is set in stone and we won’t know for sure until Respawn officially release the rumored cosmetics.

SomeoneWhoLeaks has previously leaked Bangalore’s weapon heirloom, although we’re still to see this arrive in-game.