Apex Legends devs will nerf Revenant climbing if it’s too powerful

Andrew Amos
Apex Legends Revenant nerfs after genesis climbing buffRespawn Entertainment

Revenant’s climbing abilities were drastically improved in the Apex Legends Genesis Collection update, allowing the robot to scale skyscrapers across all the Outlands. However, Respawn are already considering nerfs ⁠— if players want them.

Revenant mains had plenty to be happy about in the Genesis Collection update for Apex Legends. Not only did the robot get a handy buff to his climbing ability, he netted himself an heirloom too.

However, while Respawn can’t take the heirloom away, they’re keeping an eye on his power after the climbing buff has seen Revenant players scale buildings and prey on unsuspecting opponents a little too easily.

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Revenant climbing Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Revenant got a big climbing buff in the Genesis Collection event.

While the developers believe the Legend is in a decent spot, lead game designer Daniel Z. Klein is listening to the community’s reaction to the change, and may implement a slight nerf if the climb becomes too problematic.

It fits with Revenant’s theme of being an assassin to try and be as quiet as possible while climbing, however Respawn will “absolutely increase the volume” if the climb sound is too quiet, and his win rate climbs too quickly.

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The floated change was rather controversial when it was posted on Reddit, with many players asking for the devs to perhaps make it even quieter.

However, you can breathe easy if you’re a Revenant main, because the nerf isn’t set in stone. It’s still too early to tell how effective the small change has been.

It doesn’t rule out the fact that Respawn are looking at the potential for a change ⁠— if player consensus swings ⁠— but for now, you can happily climb quietly, before launching onto your enemies with that sick heirloom scythe.

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