RamBeau addresses backlash over Apex Legends retirement and return

Rambeau doing a thumbs up in The Guard jersey at Apex Legends eventJoe Brady/EA

Apex Legends pro Beau ‘RamBeau’ Sheidy has addressed the backlash over his retirement and swift return to action with DarkZero Esports after he left Sentinels scrambling to find a third player. 

Back on March 28, RamBeau announced that he would be stepping away from Apex Legends and the Sentinels roster as he cited a loss of love for the competitive side of the game as a factor for retiring. Though, that retirement didn’t last long. 

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A few weeks after retiring, and causing a fair few roster moves as a result, RamBeau joined the DarkZero Esports squad. That swift return prompted a bit of backlash within the competitive Apex community, with ImperialHal calling it “bulls*it” and Snip3down saying it didn’t make any sense at all. 

Now, RamBeau has addressed some of the backlash and apologized to his former teammates, giving his side of the story as to what went down. 

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RamBeau apologizes to Apex Legends players amid backlash over retirement & return 

“It’s definitely been tough to see what some people have to say, some people are going to have opinions on you I guess,” RamBeau said as he joined the Apex After Hours podcast hosted by Jon ‘Falloutt’ Kefaloukos on April 17.

Speaking on his initial retirement, he added that he was “going through a lot” in regard to family health issues and it was “really tough” for him to focus on anything at the time. 

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“I saw some comments like ‘he’s probably bullsh*tting about all the family problems he’s going through’ but I promise you, I’m not.”

RamBeau continued that he regretted how things went down but said he didn’t make the switch to join a more competitive roster.

“I genuinely am sorry for how I handled the situation. If I could go back and do it over again, I totally would and change how I handled it, but I can’t,” he said, apologizing to his former teammates. “I’m a human, I make mistakes and I hope we can all just move on.”

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It remains to be seen how the wider Apex community takes things, but, there have already been plenty who have come around to RamBeau’s apology and breakdown of the situation.

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