NICKMERCS thinks Apex Legends Ranked is now “miserable” for solo players

NICKMERCS alongside Apex Legends Ranked badge levelsNICKMERCS/Respawn

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes Apex Legends Ranked is currently “miserable” for solo players, but also questioned why players are going it alone after the changes. 

Just like many other multiplayer games, Ranked has been the go-to mode of players trying to prove they are the best of the best that Apex Legends has to offer. Though there have been complaints in seasons past that inactive players were hoarding the top spots.

Respawn set about changing that in Season 13 as they dropped the Ranked Reloaded update. However, the changes have also come in for criticism, with some players believing it’s now too difficult. Though, there are others that believe the changes are pretty solid too. 

Plenty of the complaints have come from players who solo queue and link up with random teammates, which NICKMERCS is a bit baffled by, even if he can sympathize with those players just a little bit.

Aceu Apex LegendsRanked Reloaded arrived in Apex Legends Season 13.

During his June 2 stream, the FaZe Clan star was continuing his climb up the competitive ladder when his chat wanted his opinion on the changes to Ranked. Some, again, noted that they run as solo players and find it extremely difficult.

“You have to face people who are great… better, that’s what Ranked mode is all about,” Nick started. “You want me to feel bad for you? The only thing I feel bad about is that if you’re playing solo and you don’t have a team, I think it’s really tough right now and they do need to make changes.”

The streaming star admitted he was unsure what those changes could be, but urged Respawn to fine-tune things. “It’s miserable, it’s so hard to play,” he added. “But, putting that to the side, why are playing solo? I have questions man. The f**k are you doing playing solo man? Why are you playing solo? It’s an honest question.”

Nick is not alone in questioning why some players run as a solo in Ranked, but at the end of the day, it’s the only option that some players have.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not Respawn will make changes to accommodate and address the complaints, but after such a big overhaul, they may not come quickly.