Apex Legends pro Albralelie explains why Ranked rework is healthier for the game

Albarlelie in TSM jersey with Apex Legends ranked logos behindTSM/Respawn

Apex Legends pro Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith delivered a harsh assessment about the previous state of Apex Legends’ ranked system, stating that the recent revamp has given some home truths to players. 

The Ranked part of Apex Legends has always been the go-to mode for players wanting to prove their skills and rub shoulders with some of the best around. Though, the previous system drew plenty of criticism as players were able to skyrocket up the leaderboards and then hog the top spots.

That has since changed with the release of Apex Legends Season 13, as Respawn have reworked the Ranked system entirely. The changes have proven to be pretty popular with players, even if some complaints do linger.

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For TSM’s Albralelie, he believes the new system is good for the game because the previous iteration was like a “participation trophy” with players getting to the top ranks fairly easy.

Ranked Reloaded Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Ranked Reloaded introduced a range of heavily requested changes to the competitive mode.

The Apex Legends star addressed the new system during a stream, saying that players haven’t “gotten worse” at the game, but they were “misled” by the previous Ranked setup into believing that they were better than they are.

“The system caters to you being able to actually improve as you climb, not just ‘I’m going to play and I’m going to rank up’,” he said, pointing to how some players may have been diamond and above previously, but are now more in the silver and gold regions of ranked because of the changes.

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“Don’t get defeated because you’re like ‘man I was masters last season now I’m stuck in gold, f**k this game’. No, that’s not the mindset. It’s like, damn man, that shows me how bad the ranked system really was.”

Albralelie also followed up with a lengthy comment on Reddit addressing his own thoughts. “The overall point I was trying to make, was to not be discouraged by this new ranked system because it’s one that will actively turn you into a better player,” he added.

He also claimed that the matchmaking is “horrendous” at the minute for gold and platinum players because they are regularly being matched up against Apex Predator lobbies. “It’s not fun for you guys to fight us and vice versa, you guys get negative RP and we don’t get rewarded either, it’s a lose/lose.”

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Screenshot of Reddit comment about Apex Legends Ranked from AlbralelieScreenshot via Reddit
Albralelie added some additional thoughts about the changes to Ranked play.

On the matchmaking issues, Respawn have already stated the mixed lobbies are “fully intended” but should only happen at times where it is a struggle to populate the lobby.

As things move forward, Ranked may undergo some other tweaks to address some of the lingering complaints players have, but plenty are on board with Albralelie’s direct take on things.