How to use Newcastle’s shield like a Gibby dome in Apex Legends


Apex Legends players have found a way to use Newcastle’s shield like a budget Gibraltar dome, which is preventing them from taking damage from behind. 

Although there were rumors about other legends, mainly Blisk and Hawk, Newcastle was added to the Apex Games when Respawn dropped their Season 13: Saviors update back in early May.

Since his arrival, the Hero of Harris Valley, who is actually Bangalore’s brother, has quickly become a popular pick for Apex Legends – with many considering him a replacement for Lifeline because of his shield and revive abilities.

Newcastle has also drawn comparisons with Gibraltar, given he can also create areas of protection with said shield. While his shield doesn’t cover an area as completely as Gibby’s dome, players have found a way to make it work in a similar fashion.

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Newcastle in Apex Legends Season 3Respawn Entertainment
Newcastle arrived on May 10, with Season 13.

The trick was highlighted by Redditor kuroneko4696 on May 30, noting that the small drone that appears when you place Newcastle’s Mobile Sheild ability will actually block attacks.

While the drone doesn’t seem like it should block things, the Redditor showed a couple of examples with Arc Star grenades, Thermites, and even Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder ultimate.

If the drone is in the right spot, and you’re tucked up next to the shield, the explosive attacks cannot bypass the drone and will be unable to damage you. As one of the Redditor’s clips shows, if you’re backed up against the edge of the zone, it is pretty much a low-cost Gibby dome.

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Of course, the trick isn’t going to help you if an enemy team decides to push up with their weapons and abilities, but if they lazily throw grenades, you’ll be fine.

Now, Respawn may decide to make a tweak at some point – say giving the drone some HP similar to Lifeline’s wall – if it becomes overpowered, but we’ll have to wait and see on that front. For now, it’s pretty useful.