NiceWigg highlights key Apex Legends advantages on mouse & keyboard vs controller

NiceWigg alongside mad maggie in apex legends100 Thieves/Respawn

100 Thieves’ Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin has highlighted some of the big advantages both keyboard and mouse, and controller users have in Apex Legends, though he believes there is a clear winner. 

Over the last few years, multiplayer games have moved more towards allowing different inputs in the same lobbies, pitting keyboard and mouse, and controller users against each other regularly.

While players have gotten used to taking on the other side, the debate still rages on – especially as keyboard and mouse users air their grievances with things like controller aim assist.

In terms of Apex Legends, 100 Thieves streamer NiceWigg believes both sides have their advantages in different areas, but also that there is a clear winner too.

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Apex Legends Lifeline sniperRespawn Entertainment
Aim assist is only available for players using a controller.

The Twitch star was handing out advice during a recent stream when he was asked for his take on the different inputs and just how they match up in the battle royale’s 12th season.

“My opinion on inputs, I think mouse and keyboard is extremely dominant from long-range to mid-range, R301 really doesn’t have much recoil, Flatline is super easy to use,” NiceWigg said. “I think movement on mouse and keyboard is super fluid, but really hard to get used to and takes a lot of time to perfect and master.”

He continued: “Controller bro, up close aiming and shotguns, it’s not even a battle. I think controller shotgun goes absolutely stupid. Controller R9 goes stupid compared to mouse and keyboard. Up close fights, controller just takes the cake, but for mouse and keyboard overall, I think it’s worth investing your time into it if you really want to elevate your game.”

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The 100 Theives star also noted that with mouse and keyboard you can “really feel” how much better you get after switching from controller, given there’s a “skill cap” when using a pad.

Obviously, not everyone can or will make the switch, and the controller has its advantages. Though, at the highest level, it is pretty keyboard and mouse dominated for the reasons NiceWigg points out.