New Apex Legends exploit lets cheaters crash lobbies with Bangalore

Bangalore running through apex legends ultimateYouTube: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players beware ⁠— hackers have found a new way to crash your lobbies. A new Bangalore glitch is being abused by some to kick others out of the game, with legitimate players losing out on RP if they’re targeted.

Apex Legends has had its fair share of run-ins with exploits and glitches. While some are purely cosmetic or for fun, a select few are utterly game-ruining. This latest exploit with Bangalore firmly falls into the latter camp.

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The glitch, discovered by some on July 13 and circulated by popular content creator Martin ‘gdolphn’ Skrydstrup, looks pretty insane.

The short of it is cheaters can constantly recast Bangalore’s ultimate on a single spot ⁠— constantly repeating as rockets hail down from the sky. With the amount of rockets being dropped breaking the game’s engine, players who are too close to the explosion crash.

If this happens in a ranked game, you could be slapped with an abandon penalty and lose RP as a result.

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The former TSM coach was stumped when he came across it in his game, with his head falling into his hands as he was booted from the server.

However, the exploit didn’t just appear overnight. Some players are stating they discovered it a couple of months ago, even sending off clips to Respawn with no action taken.

While Respawn hasn’t responded to the latest exploit their previous stance would apply here: if players are caught abusing this cheat, they’ll have their accounts permanently suspended. No questions asked.

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So if you run across the Bangalore exploit in your ranked games, all you can really do is hope you’re far enough away that your game doesn’t crash. Otherwise, EA support is urging players to report it (although that’s if you can get killed without crashing).