Wattson finally gets her teeth back as Apex Legends ‘dentist’ reopens

apex legends wattson smile header imageRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has finally fixed an issue plaguing one of Wattson’s best skins which strangely prevented her teeth from loading in properly.

Apex Legends has tons of skins for its many different characters. While some skins reuse assets, many are unique to specific Legends.

One Legend with some of the best skins in Apex Legends is Wattson, although one of her best skins has had a shader issue plaguing it for over a year now.

Now, Respawn has finally fixed the issue with the static defender’s Legendary Outlands Explorer skin, which previously prevented her teeth from loading onto the model correctly.

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Wattson gets her teeth back

apex legends wattson outlands explorer legendary skinRespawn Entertainment
Wattson’s Outlands Explorer skin was introduced in the Season 5 Lost Treasures Collection event and has been bugged since.

Respawn quietly fixed this long-running issue with the Outlands Explorer skin in the latest 1.98 patch for the Awakening Collection Event.

Before the patch, Wattson’s Outlands Explorer would simply have her lips without any teeth displayed whenever her mouth moved which certainly looked jarring during emotes and finishers.

This issue cropped up in a patch back in June 2021 and has seemingly gone unnoticed until now.

Alongside this Wattson shader bug, the 1.98 patch fixed various other cosmetic issues like a lack of sound effects when Newcastle entered a Trident and UI glitches in the Firing Range.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time a bugged Apex Legend skin slipped through, with some even proving to be major hindrances to players.

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For example, many players dubbed the Legendary ‘Curse of the Amazon’ Charge Rifle skin “pay-to-lose” at launch thanks to a bug when aiming down sights.

Similarly, Octane’s Legendary ‘Laughing Fool’ skin caused a screen-disrupting bug after it was brought back during a Black Friday sale event.

Though nothing game-breaking occurred with the Outlands Explorer, it’s good to finally have the Wattson’s cheery, energetic smile back to the way it should be.