Bangalore mains unearth secret voice line change in Apex Legends update

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Following the latest update to Apex Legends, users have noticed changes to Bangalore’s usual voice lines.

An offensive Legend and former soldier, Bangalore counted among the eight heroes included in Apex Legend’s original roster at launch.

Her family’s military background, along with a commitment to the IMC cause, has shaped nearly every aspect of her behavior and personality.

As such, militaristic ideals pervade Bangalore’s every move, even when it comes to the lines of dialogue she delivers mid-fight. Players have noticed an interesting change with respect to the latter, however.

Apex Legends patch secretly changes a Bangalore voice line

Bangalore’s “jumpmaster” line in Apex Legends received an edit with the release of the Eclipse update, according to players.

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Redditor SirJoey noted that instead of saying “Sounding reveille, ladies. I’m the jumpmaster,” Bangalore now delivers the same quip sans the mention of “ladies.”

One Reddit user posited the Bangalore voice line’s alteration may address how the term “ladies” is typically used in a demeaning fashion, especially in military settings.

Someone else said it’s possible that Respawn removed all “gendered references” in Apex Legends, possibly for consistency’s sake since character lines must address Legends of all genders.

The same Redditor added that Rampart’s “I’m good, you’re good, if we lose it’s the other guy’s fault” bit, now exchanges “other guy’s fault” for “other donut’s fault.”

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At the time of writing, the crew at Respawn has yet to formally explain the reasoning behind these changes.

But as the game adds more representation through the addition of heroes like trans Legend Catalyst, it’s possible that removing some gender-specific references is Respawn’s intention.