Apex Legends players want Bangalore Tactical buff from Mobile added to PC & console

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After seeing Bangalore’s buffed Tactical ability in Apex Legends Mobile, PC and console players want the Professional Soldier’s ‘Smokescreen’ ability added to the main game.

While Bangalore may not have the pick rate of Wraith, Octane, or Valkyrie in Apex Legends Season 13, she does have a dedicated set of mains who love her powerful kit.

With the ability to confuse her enemies with smoke, cause major disruption with her Ultimate, and outmaneuver her opponents with the extra speed from her Passive, the Professional Soldier has plenty of tools at her disposal in the Outlands.

However, a lot of the community thinks Bangalore needs a small buff to bring her into the meta.

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Well, although there have been countless concepts and ideas suggested, players think they’ve finally found the answer on Apex Mobile in the form of a perk.

Bangalore Season 13Respawn Entertainment
Bangalore has a 5% pick rate in Season 13.

Apex players want Bangalore buff from Mobile

One of the biggest challenges when coming up with a buff for Bangalore is ensuring that the changes do not make her too powerful as her 5% pick rate already puts her in the top 10 most popular Legends on the roster.

Luckily, Apex YouTuber Bobz believes they’ve finally found the solution and it’s a concept taken from the Professional Soldier’s kit in Mobile.

While downed in the alternate version of Apex, Bangalore can use her Tactical ability, allowing her to cause disruption and escape from danger by disappearing into her smokes.

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This would not only add an extra level of depth to Bangalore’s kit, but it would also force teams to focus her or risk losing vision in a gunfight.

With X-ray scopes countering this ability and the potential to harm your teammates with smokes if used incorrectly, the ‘Smokescreen’ perk could be a balanced buff for Bangalore on PC and console.

The one issue could come in the form of Gold Knockdown shields which would be extremely valuable to her as she could combine the revive with her smokes.

However, with hints from the devs that changes are coming to Gold Knockdown shields in the future, that problem may be solved very soon.

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