More badges are coming to Apex Legends: Wins, Damage, more

Apex Legends badges and Apex Legends logoRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Apex Legends, have confirmed that they’ll be looking to expand the current badge system by adding new ones in the future.

Earning a badge in Apex Legends can come from something as simple as racking up a few kills and wins, to more difficult ones like dealing 4,000 damage in a match.

As Season 9 has now kicked off, some of the most dedicated Apex players have picked up pretty much every badge there is to display on their profile card, and are on their way to earning the Arenas badges. 

That’s led some players to call on Respawn to add even more badges for them to earn, and their calls have been heard by the devs.

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Apex Legends professional profilesTwitch: dizzy
Badges are some of the best ways for the most experienced players to flex their accomplishments.

As the devs were discussing the new season with players over on the Apex Legends subreddit, the call for new badges was once again thrown out by a few players.

Respawn’s RobotHavGunz responded, confirming changes are in the offing. “Yes. Organization – or lack thereof – was a big limiter here. Hard to add more badges when you couldn’t even sort them,” the dev said when asked why it’s been so long since some simple badges were added. In Season 9, players can now filter badges by ones they have unlocked.

“With that said, we have actually expanded badges quite a bit. There’s all the Club badges. And then there are a host of new Arenas badges. But, yes, some badges like wins could probably have another tier at this point (100–>200). The organization of badges definitely means that more work in this area is very doable. There’s no shortage of work to be done or good ideas. Hardest decisions are what not to do – or what not to do now; there’s so much we want to deliver.”

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Players quickly threw out suggestions for what badges they could add – including things like getting so many knocks in a certain amount of time or following the prestige model of Call of Duty where an older badge can be upgraded now that it’s been so long since it was first unlocked.

Even though the devs might want to add new badges, it’ll take some time before they’re in-game. New badge designs have got to be drawn up, and they’ve got to select just what accomplishments are worthy of a badge, among other things, before they’re live in-game.

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