Leaked Apex Legends Mirage Twitch Prime skin hints at St Patricks Day event

Respawn Entertainment

The apparent next Twitch Prime skin for Apex Legends has seemingly been leaked as Mirage looks set to be given a St Patrick’s Day themed makeover for players. 

Like many other games, Apex Legends has linked up with Twitch Prime to give players the game to grab exclusive skins and other cosmetics at points throughout the game’s new seasons. 

Legends like Caustic and Pathfinder have already benefitted from new skins, but it appears as if the next one, centering around Mirage, has been leaked. Though, don’t expect the character to don any Twitch-themed Purple suits, as he looks to be gearing up for some kind of St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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Respawn Entertainment
Mirage is one of the only Apex Legends to not have a Twitch Prime skin.

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The apparent new skin was revealed by Apex Legends leaker iLootGames who tweeted out a close-up image of Mirage – with an extremely red face – on top of a Twitch Prime background. 

Players were immediately confused by the new red face look, wondering if something had gone amiss. However, more eagle-eyed players noted that his typical jumpsuit had become green and that a pretty big four-leaved clover had appeared on him in the belt buckle region. 

There were other nods to the clover around the skin, with them adorning Mirage’s chest belt and buttons that run across both of his arms. 

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The leaker eventually tweeted out an updated, and less red-faced version, of the skin a few hours later.”TBH (to be honest), I don’t think this will look too bad in-game,” they added. 

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Of course, using the St Patrick’s Day theme for the Mirage skin could seemingly open up a patch for more celebrations surrounding the day of festivities. 

The Respawn development team has, like other games, used real-life holidays and days of celebration in their battle royale, so that isn’t exactly a far-fetched idea. We’ll just have to wait and see as to whether or not they have anything up their sleeve. 

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Yet, it won’t be all that long of a wait as St Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday, March 17 and the Twitch Prime skin for Mirage would likely drop around that time as well.