How to fix frustrating lighting and texture issues on Apex Legends

. 2 years ago

Like any game, Apex Legends has some strange bugs and issues. One of these is a common problem where the lighting or textures become disfigured, making it difficult to play. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix and here’s how to do it. 

You may have loaded into a game of Apex and noticed something’s off with the lighting, or the textures just aren’t quite right. This is a common issue that has been plaguing players for some time, but luckily, fixing it is fairly simple.

Reddit user FrozenFroh shared the straightforward solution as many fans have been struggling with the issue and here’s how it’s done.

Many fans have been facing issues with the lighting and textures in Apex Legends.

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How to fix Apex Legends lighting and texture issues

Unfortunately for console players, this fix is currently only possible on PC, so if you’re having issues on console, you may just have to wait for Respawn to comment on it or, hopefully, release a fix sometime soon.

If you are on PC however, then all you need to do is fire up the Origin client, navigate to Apex Legends in your game library, right-click on the game and click on Repair. Really, that’s it.

The game should then begin repairing, which will likely include re-downloading some files. This is likely to take a bit of time, depending on just how many files need fixing, so you can sit back and relax while the client does all the work.

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After the download finishes, you can jump right back into the game and everything should be fixed. Some users have also stated that it fixed the Battle Pass crash bug as well, which is an extra little bonus for anyone having that issue.

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