Known Apex Legends cheater mocks Respawn with new username

Eli Becht

Apex Legends had a major problem with hackers at launch and a known cheater has been trolling Respawn with new accounts following each of his bans.

Back in May 2019, Respawn revealed they had banned over 700,000 accounts in Apex Legends as they fought to combat a widespread problem.

For the most part, they have things under control now, but there are still plenty of bad apples in the bunch.


German Twitch streamer Lex4tor88 has been banned by Respawn before, but he keeps finding ways to circumvent the ban and get back into the game.

Viewers have even been able to capture an exact moment on stream from when he was banned from Apex, but he still manages to play daily.

Team Reciprocity Apex Legends pro Wacko has publicly called for a Twitch ban for Lex4tor, but so far his calls have been fruitless.

In an effort to avoid the ban, Lex4tor created an account named “1000Accounts” which is seemingly a dig at Respawn. If his accounts keep on getting banned, he’ll just continue making them.

It appears that not everyone has a problem with the potentiually hacking as his viewers will frequently defend him whenever anyone asks about aimbotting. Lex isn’t a massive streamer by any stretch, but he does have a dedicated audience, boasting more than 4,000 followers on his channel.

Wacko provided numerous clips showing examples of Lex4tor’s aimbot and the amount of damage it can cause to unsuspecting players is quite staggering.

Of course, it’s hard to tell based on just this if he’s actually hacking or not, but the evidence is certainly tough to ignore.

It’s unclear if Twitch will do anything about the use of an aimbot and constant ban evading in Apex Legends, but if things keep up like this, they might have no choice but to act on it.

Once Respawn catches wind of this, they will surely take additional action on his account too.

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