Apex Legends

Insane third-person mode easter egg found in Apex Legends

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends fan has uncovered yet another insane easter egg in the Firing Range – allowing players to roam around the training map in third-person.

For the past few days, a lot of Apex Legends players have been caught up in the craze of finding easter eggs on the Firing Range map in training mode. Members of the Respawn development team revealed that there was a huge easter egg that nobody had uncovered, but since then, players have been finding lots of different ones. 

After spending countless hours looking for anything, we’ve seen players uncover the huge easter egg, locate secret areas, and even references to Star Wars, but the secrets haven’t stopped there.

Apex Legends players have been searching Firing Range for every secret possible.


In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user JoshOyen showcased a video of how they managed to go into a third-person view with each of the game’s characters. 

By using Pathfinder, the Redditor grappled on to the champion banner on the right side of the map, before swinging round to a ledge that stands behind it. Once there, JoshOyen looked down and crouched in a small bush before then changing legend.

With that process complete, the Apex Legends fan was then free to roam the training map with a third-person view while switching between each legend and getting a clean look at the skins they’ve forked out for. 


Of course, many fans were wowed that one of their own had uncovered yet another easter egg, but the discovery also prompted a response from the Respawn development team.

Lead Designer Jason McCord, who goes by the name MonsterClip, simply posted the side-eyes emoji in response – perhaps hinting that it could be a part of a bigger thing.

Apex dev Monsterclip weighed in on the discovery of the third person easter egg.


Now, with players dedicating hours into their search for secrets, it appears as if they’re going to scour every single inch of Firing Range to find something new.

Just how many other easter eggs are out there remains unknown but considering some of the creative secrets that Respawn have hidden so far, the possibilities could be endless.