ImperialHal explains why controller aim assist should be nerfed in Apex Legends

ImperialHal on controller Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed that he thinks controller should be nerfed in Apex Legends, as aim assist makes it significantly better than mouse and keyboard.

The debate between controller and MnK has been raging on in Apex Legends since the game’s release, and there’s no chance of the argument being solved anytime soon.

For MnK players, they believe the aim assist offered to controller users is too powerful and makes it too easy to hit shorts on opponents.

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However, controller players argue the movement mechanics and precision available on MnK balances out the advantage of aim assist.

TSM pro player ImperialHal has taken a stance on the issue, claiming controller and aim assist should be nerfed in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends controller aim assistBlizzard Entertainment
The controller versus MnK debate has been going on since the release of Apex Legends.

ImperialHal thinks controller should be nerfed in Apex Legends

During a recent stream, ImperialHal was asked by one of his viewers whether controller should be nerfed in Apex Legends.

The TSM pro responded by saying yes, arguing that after playing on linear with his custom controller that features “reduced stick tension” it feels like he’s playing on “MnK with aim assist”.

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Hal has made it clear that he believes players should be “abusing” aim assist whenever they can, and he’s certainly no different.

It’s obvious he feels like controller is the best option now compared to MnK, despite missing out on certain movement mechanics.

Hal isn’t alone in his opinion on controller being too strong, and it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn implements any changes in the future.

However, nerfs would likely spark huge backlash from a portion of the community, so the devs will have to tread carefully if they ever alter aim assist.

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For now, there’s no indication that they will, but it’s clear that pros like Hal are taking advantage of controller while they can.

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