ImperialHal claims Taxi2g “asked” for Apex Legends ban by using ‘super glide’ exploit

ImperialHal on Lifeline sliding in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Team SoloMid content creator ImperialHal has weighed in on Taxi2G’s Apex Legends ban for using the super glide exploit, saying his fellow streamer “asked for it”.

Respawn Entertainment are known for an occasionally uncompromising streak when prominent community figures are found to be flouting the game’s mechanics.

They proved this once again on January 13, when popular streamer Taxi2G received an in-game ban for his use of the ‘super glide’ exploit. The exploit relates to players climbing up ledges and sliding, which combines to thrust their character forward at an unnatural speed.

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While obviously not as egregious as wallhacks or aimbot, many have rightly pointed out that it makes the most of an unintended mechanic. That is the side of the fence Respawn came down on, and the streamer was promptly banned.

Now, TSM content creator and former Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal‘ Dosen has offered his opinion, and he doesn’t have much sympathy for his fellow Apex streamer.

Among other things, the 22 year old suggested Taxi “asked” for his ban by using a known exploit so obviously on stream.

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Hal said: “I don’t know bro. He just asked for it – to get banned. Like I get his argument… is he gonna really be that hard-headed to the point where he’s gonna be arguing with the devs what is bannable and what’s not? You’re a player bro, you’re like the bottom, you’re the peasant of your video game. You can’t be hard-headed to tell [a dev] what is bannable and what’s not bannable.”

Timestamp: 0:45 

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He continued: “Especially when it’s your job. They [Respawn] have full control. They don’t give a f**k who you are. If you’re gonna start doing sh*t like that, they couldn’t care less if they perma-ban you off the game. Just stupid from my point of view. I understand it’s stupid for him to get perma-banned but you made multiple accounts… you knew why you got banned. He just asked for it.”

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Taxi has since streamed on Twitch, but played Overwatch as opposed to Apex Legends. He hasn’t responded to Hal’s comments but it’s clear that the TSM content creator has very limited sympathy for his fellow streamer.

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