Gravity-warping Apex Legends design takes inspiration from Overwatch

. 2 years ago
Respawn Entertainment / Blizzard

Bringing the forces of Overwatch’s Zarya to World’s Edge and King’s Canyon, this stunning Apex Legends character design would give battle royale players the ability to bend gravity to their will.

While the Apex community is constantly pushing out unique designs in the form of new character skins and even new weapons, various creators focus their efforts on realizing entirely new Legends for the popular Battle Royale title.

Building a new character from the ground up, this design took inspiration from various sources, including Blizzard’s popular hero shooter Overwatch.

Respawn Entertainment
This character concept is ready to take on even the coldest of climates.

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Showcasing their latest concept with a look at their new Legend in the character select screen, Reddit user ‘DudeWithName’ unveiled ‘Brigade’ to the Apex community.

A bearded individual with snow goggles at the ready, the new addition seems to have a wealth of experience under his belt and completely ready to tackle any climate that the various Apex maps could throw at him.

Dropping into battle with a unique slate of abilities, Brigade’s Ultimate draws inspiration from Overwatch’s Tank hero Zarya in that he is able to pull enemies into place.

When a ‘Gravity Well’ ordnance is deployed, it “generates a gravity field around it which pulls in enemies and projectiles before pushing everything away.”

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On top of his Graviton Surge-esque Ultimate, the Legend also comes boasting a Tactical and Passive ability to boot. The former being Electric Smoke which does more than just cloud the view of your opponents.

Once deployed, the projectile emits electric smoke that destroys traps and “temporarily disables enemy HUD’s and weapon UI.”

Moreover, Brigade’s passive ensures that he would be a near inescapable force in close-range fights as the ‘Ironclad Breacher’ allows him to instantly break through doors with a single melee.

Enemies standing behind doors will receive a set amount of damage from his hulking melee attack while traps will be instantly deleted upon being hit.

Zarya’s Graviton Surge Ultimate sucks enemies into place for four seconds.

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With years of experience playing around Zarya’s gravity-bending Ultimate in Overwatch, players are still finding new ways to catch their opponents off guard.

Setting the Legend apart from any other character in the world of Respawn’s battle royale with a similar Ultimate, there’s no denying Brigade would be a welcomed addition to the game’s roster.

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