Apex Legends wall-bouncing shotgun creation could change the way you play

Brad Norton
Respawn Entertainment

A devastating Apex Legends shotgun design could forever change the way you play Respawn Entertainment’s popular Battle Royale, due to a new and intriguing mechanic thought up by a diehard fan.

While a number of suggestions put forth by the Apex Legends community of late have focused on various aspects of map design and even vanity item ideas, a fresh weapon concept could have an indelible mark on the battle royale if it ever sees the light of day.

Not just focusing exclusively on the visual appearance of a new addition, this creation promotes all aspects of weapon design from overall damage potential to just how much ammo it could carry into battle.

Respawn Entertainment
This powerful shotgun could leave your opponents sad after you bounce a shot towards them.

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Showcasing their weapon concept, Reddit user ‘DudeWithName’ put forward the ‘VXN-12.’ A “slug-shelled shotgun,” the new weapon is another close-ranged powerhouse specifically balanced with indoor fighting in mind.

The unique element of this particular design is that the shell “bounces off of floors and walls” to gain “a damage boost after the initial bounce.”

Rather than aiming directly at enemies, players would actually be rewarded for thinking in new ways and trying to line up perfect angles in order to bounce their shots towards opponents. 

Reddit: DudeWithName
A look at the in-game model of the devastating weapon concept.

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Breaking down the new weapon, the designer outlined how shells can only be bounced a single time. Meaning that players won’t be able to trap enemies in small rooms until a never-ending projectile inevitably bounces into them. 

The VXN-12 would deal 50 damage for a regular body shot and 65 for a bounced shot to the body. The biggest bonus overall is applied when bounced projectiles connect with the head, dealing 75 damage for a standard blow and a whopping 95 for an angled bounce to the dome.

The tradeoff comes in the form of a small magazine size at just five shells, along with a relatively slow travel speed once shots have been blasted out of the weapon.

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Presented as a Common item, there’s no denying the unique effect would certainly change the way players think about shotguns moving forward. 

Rather than simply aiming and firing, veterans will have to think on their feet if they truly want to maximize damage with this stunning concept.