Shroud shows why the Flatline is the “best gun” in Apex Legends

Mixer: Shroud / Respawn

Mixer star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is known for his incredible prowess and knowledge in first-person shooters and has unexpectedly dubbed the VK-47 Flatline as Apex Legends’ best gun. 

Shroud is no stranger to Apex Legends, having played the game on and off since release while absolutely bossing it.

He has an incredible knowledge of the game and is able to back his talk up with insane skill, so many fans tend to pay attention to his comments. However, he has very surprisingly stated that the Flatline, of all weapons, is the best gun in Apex.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends is a popular first-person battle royale game that Shroud has been a fan of for a long time.

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In a YouTube video released on Feb 19, Grzesiek continued his grind to the highest rank in the game (Apex Predator) and while making a flank in one match secured two kills, before dubbing the Flatline as the best weapon in Apex Legends.

“Oh my God, that’s why the Flatline is the best gun in the game, right there,” he said, after securing the kills lightning fast with the weapon, all while saving his teammates in the process.

Many were no doubt shocked as the Canadian rated the weapon over the likes of the R-301 and the R-99, but with how quickly he was able to get those two kills, he may just have a point.

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What’s more surprising is that he used the gun in single fire mode, rather than fully automatic, when many would opt for the faster fire rate instead.

Perhaps the Flatline is quite underrated at the moment and, with how much Shroud was able to do with it in so little time, it may be worth testing out the powerful single fire mode and seeing just how strong it is.