Jakenbake slams EA over “unplayable” Apex Legends servers

Jakenbake Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘JakenbakeLIVE’ was bewildered at the state of Apex Legends’s servers before calling out EA and Respawn Entertainment to fix the burgeoning problem.

The Apex Legends community has been vocal about issues regarding numerous bugs and microtransactions since the launch of the game – but a prominent recurring dilemma among players has been the faulty servers hindering gameplay across regions.

Analysis and breakdowns of the game’s netcode in the past revealed how lackluster the backend for Apex Legends can be, something Jakenbake experienced firsthand during his stream.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has been a massive hit for EA and Respawn, but major fixes throughout the game are still being asked for by the community.

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The Diamond 4 ranked player has seen a ton of action in the four months he’s been playing Apex, but a series of unfortunate connection issues prompted him to pop off on the publisher and developers of the popular BR.

“This is single-handedly the worst lag I’ve ever experienced, and this isn’t lag on my end,” he claimed. “This is server bulls**t packet loss. EA, Respawn, get your s**t together. You literally have a community of people that play this game. Streamers and content creators that carry the s**t out of your player base.”

After looking to change his server from the available list in his nearby regions, the streamer didn’t see many options with better conditions.

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He went on to give a passionate tirade on the “simple things” that pros and community members have been asking from the devs, which haven’t yet come to pass.

“For how long have [Respawn and EA] listened to the pros and content creators complain about the simple things that need to be fixed?” he continued. “And how long have they been ignored?”

He called on the professional teams and players attending the $500,000 Apex Legends Global Series Major in Arlington, Texas on March 13 to show up without mouse and keyboards, and refuse to enter the Esports Stadium until Respawn fixes their game.

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While there might have been a comedic element to his speech, it comes from an honest place: In his time getting to know pro players and seeing the complaints of the community, Jake thinks EA and Respawn should “fix [Apex Legends’s problems] before hosting a tournament” for it.

Prior to addressing the Apex community, Jake got into a match riddled with questionable packet loss, players popping in and out of frames, and bizarre animations with his weapons. The game with his friends before that was unceremoniously ended by a second group of hackers he had come across that night.

Jakenbake briefly became the megaphone for the Apex Legends community, aiming his discontent with the state of the game toward the developers in hopes that major fixes come sooner than later.