Genius Crypto Passive idea lets him hack & take control of objects in Apex Legends

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Crypto Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

A new Passive idea for Crypto allows the Surveillance Expert to hack into Tridents, Gravity Cannons, Phase Runners, and doors to disrupt enemies and open up opportunities for his squad.

Since arriving in Apex Legends all the way back in Season 3, Crypto has never managed to retain a high pick rate, leaving him at the bottom of the roster when it comes to popularity.

Hoping to change this, Respawn implemented a mini-rework for the Surveillance Expert in Season 12, giving him enhanced control of his drone and providing him with game state information while using the device.

Despite these changes, Crypto has the lowest pick rate in the Outlands once again in Season 13, and players are desperate for devs to make more changes.

One suggestion revolves around making his Passive more interactive and allowing him to hack into devices and objects around each of the maps.

Crypto Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto has a 1.7% pick rate in Season 13.

Crypto Passive rework allows him to hack into objects

In a concept posted to the Apex subreddit, user GooComedian has put forward a Crypto Passive that allows the Surveillance Expert to take control of map features by hacking into them.

Aiming to replace Neurolink and make his kit more interactive, the new ability would give Crypto the ability to hack into Gravity Cannons and Phase Runners, disabling them for enemy teams.

Not only that, but the concept also allows him to control vehicles remotely with his drone, giving him opportunities to cause distractions and set up advantageous gunfights.

Finally, GooComedian wants to give Crypto the ability to lock doors using his drone, slowing opposing teams down and potentially funneling them through specific entrances.

While this concept is getting a lot of praise, it is incredibly complex for a Passive, and Respawn usually prefers to keep them simple where possible.

A solution for this could be giving Crypto a select few elements of GooComedian’s idea, or even adding the ability to control vehicles alongside his current Neurolink Passive.

However, as the Surveillance Expert recently received a lot of attention, it’s unlikely that the devs are going to make buffing him a priority any time soon.

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