Game-breaking Apex Legends exploit lets players glitch underneath Olympus

. 1 month ago
Apex Legends Olympus glitch
Respawn Entertainment

A major Apex Legends exploit is allowing players to glitch underneath Olympus by using the huge Phase Runner portal.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is well underway and players are finally getting to grips with Newcastle’s kit, the Ranked Reloaded changes, and of course, the new POI on Storm Point.

Despite this, the Saviors update has had a few issues since launch that Respawn have had to address, including Xbox lobby crashes, RP protection not working as intended, and extra players being added to Ranked matches.

Well, another issue appears to have surfaced and this time it revolves around the city in the sky, Olympus.

Using a strange method, players have figured out how to glitch underneath the map using the Phase Runner portal while diving down from the dropship.

Apex Legends Hammond labs
Respawn Entertainment
Olympus isn’t currently in the Ranked map rotation.

Apex Legends exploit allows players to get under Olympus

Showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber RossBobSquirrel, an exploit is allowing players to gain access to areas under Olympus and effectively walk around in mid-air.

While the glitch does provide an impressive view of the city below, it can also be abused to gain an advantage over opponents and shouldn’t be replicated.

According to Ross, this bug has been a problem in Apex for multiple seasons and Respawn is yet to roll out a fix.

Luckily, with Storm Point and Worlds Edge being in the current Ranked map rotation for Season 13, it’s impossible for players to abuse the exploit to gain RP.

Nonetheless, with this glitch being present for a long time already, Respawn will need to make this a priority fix in the near future.

Keep in mind, that abusing or utilizing an exploit like this in an online match will likely result in your account being suspended, as the devs are cracking down on players deliberately using bugs.

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