Clever Lifeline buff idea steals Bangalore ability for quicker revives in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett
Lifeline in blue apex Legends skinRespawn/EA

Apex Legends fans are urging Respawn Entertainment to hand Lifeline a buff that somewhat copies an ability they’ve already given to Bangalore to help her revive teammates more swiftly.

Over the last few years, Apex Legends fans haven’t been shy in calling upon Respawn Entertainment to make some changes to the Legends – with some being a bit more creative than others with their ideas.

With Season 14 quickly approaching, and Vantage joining the Apex Games as the newest legend, fans have once again been pulling out ideas for buffs and nerfs to the current roster of characters.

Lifeline has been one of the legends that has received the most attention from fans, with many wanting to see her Care Package ultimate tweaked in some form – perhaps giving her the ability to craft with it. Though, some fans want some other things.

Lifeline speed boost buff is a neat idea for Apex Legends

One Redditor, Dima38, suggested that Respawn should give the Combat Medic a speed boost similar to Bangalore’s Double Time passive.

In their idea, whenever one of Lifeline’s team is knocked by an enemy team, she’d receive a slight speed boost. This would increase if a second teammate is also knocked, making it easy for Lifeline to reposition and attempt to trigger a revive.

“Add (a) certain range you need to be from downed ally or direction like boost towards an ally and I don’t see how this is not a good idea,” said EvilFNTeddy in support of it. “It should be like a passive that she’s faster towards teammates at all time (with some range criteria),” agreed another.

Some fans disagreed with the idea, saying that the Combat Medic is in a good spot overall following her recent buffs, but noted that her Ultimate could still use a bit of work.

It remains to be seen as to what Respawn has up their sleeve for buffs and nerfs in Season 14, and while we don’t suspect this one will be a part of them, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to keep for a future Lifeline rework.