Apex Legends Fuse buff in the works after devs reveal shocking statistic

Fuse in Apex LEgends inside his Motherlode UltRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that they’re working on buffs for Fuse as the Season 8 legend has fallen down the rankings, and has the second-lowest win rate of all the characters. 

Fuse was introduced to the Apex Games at the start of Season 8, but plenty of players were skeptical about his abilities. The Aussie legend can keep enemies penned in with his Motherlode ultimate, and is able to fire off grenades better than anyone else with his tactical.

Despite him being a mainstay in the early part of Season 8, pretty much as everyone wanted to test him out, he’s slipped down the popularity charts according to Respawn.

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As per the devs’ data, the Aussie is at the bottom when it comes to the win rate stakes, and that means that a change is needed.

Respawn Entertainment
Fuse joined the Apex Legends party at the start of Season 8.

Daniel Klein, a Senior Game Designer at Respawn, touched on the fact that Fuse needs some tweaking on March 21, confirming there are plans in the works for him to be changed.

“We have some plans for him, but nothing’s 100% yet. But yeah, he didn’t come in super strong like we wanted. It’s still very hard to predict how strong a character will be unless they have meaningful mobility (Octane/Horizon),” Klein commented.

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“We’ve gotta be careful not to fall victim to mobility creep as well: the more general mobility there is, the less fun the game becomes for everyone because you just can’t hit people,” he added. “This is why we’re removing some of that power from Horizon (we’re just reducing how quickly you can wriggle back and forth as you go up her gravity lift to make tracking her a little easier).”

As the dev notes, nothing is confirmed yet but they’ve got some idea. Previously, players have suggested a buff for his cluster grenade ability to make that a little more deadly. Though, who knows if Respawn will heed those calls.

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Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see what they do, but at least players who want to use Fuse can rejoice in knowing that he’s going to be buffed sooner rather than later.