Bizarre Apex Legends invisible map bug returns to turn games into boxing matches

Bizarre Apex Legends invisible map bug returns to turn games into boxing matchesRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been enjoying the new content that Season 10 has brought to the game. While players have been grinding ranked, things took a weird turn when the map was invisible and players were left to punch each other to death.

This season, players have got tons of new stuff. Rampart finally got her heirloom and there have been loads of new cosmetics put into the game.

While there’s a new season bringing in loads of new players, there are typically game-breaking bugs that come with it.

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Playing the game without weapons, buildings, or anything else can seem quite annoying it actually creates an interesting match.

Crafting Metals Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex players dropped into an invisible map leaving them without weapons.

Apex Legends invisible map bug is back 

Previously, we have seen a glitch similar to this, as players dropped into an invisible map but got horrible frame lag. This time we get a clear picture of what happens when there is no map.

In this Reddit clip posted by ‘Victorique-’ you can see that things started to get very hectic when his squad loaded into the game. Literally, everything was gone leaving the players with no weapons, nothing to land on, and a lot of comedy.

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Since the players had no access to weapons or loot crates that spawned on the map it became a full-on boxing match. Players started punching each other to the death, because what else were they going to do?

You can see the chaos ensue as bodies start falling and death boxes appear. Players were tactically swapping out different shields trying to survive long enough.

While the team in the clip didn’t last that long, one player wanted to see what would happen if a Rampart was in the game and used her ultimate. It would be safe to assume that Sheila would be able to mow down a good amount of players.

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The good news is that this seems to be an extremely rare glitch, but one that can actually bring a fun, light-hearted twist to the game.