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Bizarre Apex Legends bug bounces bullets and equipment away from targets

Published: 26/Jul/2020 1:11

by Theo Salaun


In the past week, the Apex Legends community has been absolutely dumbfounded by some new collision bugs that seem to be causing certain shots and equipment to ricochet away from their intended targets.

The first instance in which this bug was observed felt like a scene straight out of a surreal anime. Albralelie, a professional player for TSM, fired a Sentinel shot at an enemy on July 20 only for the bullet to be…punched away?

From Albralelie’s POV, players were quick to note that maybe he had missed and the Wraith or someone had fired back a missed Sentinel shot at precisely the right time. While this would provide a comforting answer, the mystery isn’t so easily solved as the enemy doesn’t seem to be in the process of shooting at all.

Confirming that the foe was not shooting and was, in fact, punching—the internet is fortunate enough to have the downed player’s POV as well. From their angle, you can clearly see their teammate come into view mid-punch, then a second trail of smoke as the bullet is redirected in the opposite direction.

Unless Respawn Entertainment has shadow buffed melee in the game to the extent that players can now time punches to deflect incoming damage, Apex Legends seems to have a collision bug on its hands.

And the glitch isn’t limited to snipers and punches, as evidenced by another clip shared on Reddit by ‘turndown4matte.’ In their clip, they’re playing Caustic and throw out his ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade, only for it to mysteriously alter course midway through the air, diverting its path and curving to the left.

In the clip, you can also see that their teammate throws an Arc Star moments before the Gas Bomb launches along the exact same trajectory. With nothing else involved, bullets or punches, it stands to reason that there is some sort of collision bug involved in these equipment interactions as well.

Can anyone explain why my gas bomb yeeted itself to the left like that? from apexlegends

There is no sensible answer to either of these clips. In both, game elements appear to interact in a way that was not intended. Punching bullets and deflecting grenades with other thrown equipment could be pretty cool, but they haven’t been a part of Apex Legends and it would feel strange for those mechanics to be suddenly, covertly introduced. 

As of yet, there has been no response from the game’s developers. In the meantime, maybe space out your team’s grenade tosses.

Apex Legends

Respawn address annoying Apex Legends Fight Night ring glitch in January 7 update

Published: 8/Jan/2021 10:14

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have rolled out a fix for the Apex Legends bug that was allowing players to take weapons into the Pathfinder Town Takeover boxing ring. 

The long-awaited Fight Night collection event finally went live in Apex Legends on January 5, bringing plenty of new cosmetics, challenges, and the Pathfinder boxing arena as the new Town Takeover.

The Pathfinder-themed location has been pretty popular with fans, seeing as you’re not allowed to use weapons, and can only use melee attacks on enemies – even though there is plenty of loot to grab inside the ring. 

Some players had managed to ruin the fun a little by finding ways to use weapons inside the ring but Respawn have quickly moved to get rid of the bug and get fights back to being melee only. 

Apex Legends pathfinder town takeover
Respawn Entertainment
The Pathfinder Town Takeover is the new location in the Fight Night update.

Late in the day on January 7, the devs took to Twitter to inform fans about a backend fix – otherwise known as a hotfix – was being rolled out to address the glitches.

“We’ve deployed a backend fix for several Pathfinder Town Takeover related issues, including an exploit that allowed players to use their guns while inside the Fight Night Ring, as well as several other errors,” they tweeted, also telling fans that it’s all about clean fights from here on out. 

As it’s a hotfix, you don’t have to download some crazy sized update for Apex. Just load the game up as normal, and everything will have changed on Respawn’s end. 

While that problem has been rooted out, for now at least, the game devs are looking into some other annoying problems as well – including an issue with Gibraltar’s ultimate ruining gunfire sounds. 

These problems have been labeled as being “investigated” on Respawn’s public Trello board – where you can also report any new problems you might have run into, as well. However, it’s unknown when they’ll be straightened out.