Apex Legends will fix Arenas map exploit on Phase Runner

Connor Bennett
Wattson on Apex Legends Phase Runner Arenas map

The Apex Legends devs have fixed an issue where players were able to get out of the map in certain Arenas maps, that pretty much guaranteed them a free win.

Update May 11

Respawn made a quick turnaround for the bug that let people bug into a rock on Phase Runner. They fixed the area that “lacked collision detection,” so we shouldn’t see it happen again.

In the Apex Legends 1.67 patch update, the studio had a message for people that were abusing the temporary exploit: “no more hiding inside ghost rocks.”

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With the start of Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, Respawn Entertainment introduced a whole new way to play the battle royale title – a 3v3 Arenas mode.

The highly-anticipated off-shoot mode puts players into smaller versions of the game’s maps, allowing them to buy weapons and control the economy like in Counter-Strike.

Arenas has already proven to be pretty popular with players, and a Ranked version is seemingly in the works. However, just like in the main battle royale version of Apex, players have uncovered plenty of exploits.

arenas apex legends season 9 legacy
Respawn Entertainment
Arenas is a very different game mode to battle royale.

The biggest of which comes in the form of being able to get outside of the map. Just like on Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus, players are able to jump into small holes and exploit new pieces of cover.

In certain spots, you can’t even shoot them, leaving you vulnerable and helpless to prevent the loss of a point.

Apex Legends Redditor TiiGerTekZZ flagged the Phase Runner map as having one of these spots, and got a response from Respawn. “I’ll make sure to send this to the team. ty for the find & video,” said Respawn’s Oscar ‘xajai’ Aguirre.

As Respawn have shown in the past, if players are able to find out-of-bound exploits, they’ll quickly knit them up and get rid of it – just so future games aren’t ruined.

It remains to be seen as to how quickly they’ll get around to addressing this one, but at least it’s on their radar.